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Fall Roofing Inspections | Austin, TX

Fall Roofing Inspections | Austin, TX, roofing inspectionExperienced, licensed roofing companies know that you cannot underestimate the importance of your roof or overestimate the importance of routine maintenance and timely repairs. Roofing companies understand that a roof leak can do far more than leave an unsightly stain on your ceiling. All the wood in your home, including your wall supports, floor trusses, and rafters, can incur damage from a neglected leak. Your insulation can be rendered useless, and your home can develop hidden pockets of hazardous mold. One way to keep your home safe is to hire a reputable Austin residential roofing company to conduct an annual inspection of your roof. This inspection should be in addition to inspections conducted after an incident of severe weather.

Why Should You Schedule Your Roof Inspection for the Fall?

Weather can be challenging for a roofing contractor. For example, some licensed roofing companies are extremely reluctant to work on a metal roof in the summer; the metal typically becomes slicker when it is hot, making it more hazardous for workers to walk on it. Spring can bring high winds, thunderstorms, and hail, so for a roofing contractor Austin weather in the spring can make it difficult to find a clear day to conduct a thorough inspection. An Austin roofing contractor may see that the weather is too unpredictable in the winter; even a thin coat of ice can make a roof treacherous. Therefore, to a roofing contractor Austin TX weather is more likely to be suitable for an inspection during the fall months.

In addition to weather-related concerns that can prevent a thorough and safe inspection, fall gives roofing companies and their customers time to take corrective measures before winter arrives. Some tasks are difficult or impossible to complete once temperatures fall below freezing. For example, asphalt shingles will not form a proper seal when it is cold, and although there are measures that an Austin residential roofing contractor can take to ensure adequate results, installations occurring during warm weather are easier and typically yield better results.

What Should a Roofing Company Evaluate During an Inspection?

Different roofing companies may include or exclude specific steps during an inspection. However, to a reputable roof contractor Austin inspections should consist of all or most of the following.

• Inspect the structure. In this step, the contractor will check for a bowed or sagging ridge, depressed areas in the roof planes and signs of damage to the fascia boards and soffit. He will also review the grout on brick chimneys and inspect the chimney cap for damage.
• Inspect the materials. The contractor will look for missing, damaged or loose flashing, shingles, fasteners, drip edge or vents. He will check for stains and moss, inspect the condition of valleys, look for degranulated shingles and inspect the gutters to make sure that they are intact and securely fastened to the structure. He will also look for excess granules in the gutters, around downspouts, and near the foundation.
• Inspect the interior. At the minimum, the contractor will want to access the attic to check for mold, mildew and water stains. He may inspect interior ceilings and walls for signs that water is somehow entering the home.

As an experienced roof contractor, Austin weather holds few surprises for the professionals at Alpha Roofing Industries. As an award-winning roofing company, we excel at providing homeowners in the Austin area with outstanding results at reasonable prices. Our Austin residential roofing services include emergency and standard roof repairs, replacement shingles, metal roof installations, debris and moss removal, roof inspections, siding installations, routine maintenance programs, and chimney repairs. You can request a free quote by completing the online form or calling 512-777-1086.