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Should I Replace or Repair My Curled Shingles?

Should I Replace or Repair My Curled Shingles? austin texas If your asphalt shingles have begun to curl, it is a definite sign that it is time to take preventive action. Curled shingles could be due to the age of the shingles, or they could indicate serious problems in the attic space. Furthermore, if the shingles were not installed correctly, curling could occur. Repairing curled shingles may be possible under certain circumstances. Although replacing the curled shingles could be an option, it may just be time for a roof replacement. Have a professional roofing contractor perform a roof inspection to evaluate your roof system.

Should I Replace or Repair My Curled Shingles?

When Is Repairing My Curled Shingles an Option?

Repairing curled shingles may be possible if only a few shingles have curled on a roof that is not near the end of its life. If the roof is newer and in overall good condition, a few curled shingles can be attached to the underlying shingles by applying an asphalt adhesive between them. Weight will need to be applied at the repair to ensure a tight fit while the adhesive dries. This may only be a temporary fix, so replacement of the curled shingles may become necessary.

When Is Replacing My Curled Shingles Necessary?

Replacing curled asphalt shingles is preferable to repairing them. This should only be considered if the roof has plenty of life left, and the affected area is minimal. If you do not have any bundles of shingles left over from your last roof replacement, making a perfect match between the existing shingles and the replaced ones may be difficult. Depending on the wear of the existing shingles from exposure to the sun and weather, the replaced shingles may show as a noticeable repair. Shingles on a south-facing roof may curl faster than on the other sides. The south side of a roof is exposed to more of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays can dry the asphalt binder within the shingles and cause them to curl. If the damage is limited to just one roof plane or side, you can consider replacing only the damaged side. This can make the color difference between the old and new shingles less visible. However, keep in mind that the total cost to replace two or more roof planes at different times will likely be more than the price of a complete roof replacement.

If an unprofessional or inexperienced roof contractor incorrectly installed your shingles, they may be prone to premature curling. Shingles need to be installed in a precise manner to ensure its reliability. Improper nailing is a common cause of premature curling. Using low-quality materials can also cause premature curling. Roofing crews often consist of several workers; if one individual is responsible for the incorrect installation in a specific area, replacement of that section of the roof may be possible. If you hired a reputable Austin residential roofing contractor, he probably provided you with a limited warranty on workmanship. Therefore, if curling occurs soon after your roof was installed, contact your contractor to see if his warranty will cover the repair or replacement of the shingles.

When Is Roof Replacement Necessary?

Depending on the quality of the materials used, a properly installed roof can have a life that spans several decades. However, no matter how well it was built or of what quality the materials were, a neglected roof will experience premature deterioration. Neglect often causes or contributes to the need for a premature Austin roof replacement. Maintaining your roof throughout its life will maximize its life and minimize the occurrence of major costly repairs. Even with proper preventive maintenance, however, as your roof approaches its maximum expected life, it will become increasingly prone to curled shingles and other problems.

Curled shingles can easily lead to a leaking roof. Roof replacement can be costly, but ignoring curled shingles on your roof can lead to damage that will cost you more to repair than you would have spent on a new roof. Every roof should be inspected at least annually by a reputable and professional roof contractor. Most professional roofing companies offer preventive maintenance plans that include inspections in their roofing services.

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