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Roof Replacement Cost: How to Save Money in Austin

Roof Replacement Cost: How to Save Money in Austin, roofing services austin txOne of the costliest roof services is the total replacement of the roofing material. The price of a roof replacement will depend on a number of variables that will require the experience and knowledge of a reputable roofing professional to assess. However, if you understand the different variables, you will be in a better position to save money when you have your roof replaced.

What Are the Variables Affecting the Cost of a Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement may seem like a simple procedure, but there are many factors that can affect the price charged by the roofing contractor. Not every roof will need to be evaluated for all of the following variables, and some factors depend on the quality of the contractor and your local ordinances.

• The total square footage of the roof is a major factor in the cost of a replacement. Keep in mind that the roof’s square footage exceeds the square footage of the building’s interior in virtually all cases.
• The materials chosen often represent the second-largest cost. Asphalt shingles are typically the least expensive option, but some high-end shingles will cost about the same as many low-end or mid-range metal roofing systems.
• The complexity and steepness of the roof must also be considered. A complex roof design may add architectural interest, but it also requires additional time and material to replace. An extremely steep roof may require additional equipment or special safety precautions. A steep, highly complex roof may also require the expertise of extremely skilled personnel who have been employed by the roof company for many years and command higher wages than novices.
• Although it is not always required, removing the existing roofing materials will almost always boost the visual appeal of the new roof. Furthermore, some manufacturers can declare your warranty void if their products are applied as an overlay. If you opt to have your existing roof removed, ask your contractor to specify in writing whether you or the company will be responsible for paying for the dumpster rental, hauling charges and landfill fees.
• Your local codes may require permits for replacing your roof. Make sure that you know who will be responsible for obtaining and paying for the permits.
• The experience, skills and reputation of the roof contractor you hire to provide your roof services can also play a part in your total costs. A reputable, well-established roofing company will carry liability, workers compensation and vehicle insurance. A contractor submitting an extremely low bid may not carry any type of insurance. A reputable company will stand behind their work; a shady operator will not and may be impossible to locate a week after your job is finished.

How Can You Apply Your Knowledge to Save Money on Your Roof Replacement?

Once you understand the variables that can affect the cost of your new roof, you are ready to apply your knowledge to help you maximize your savings.

• Have an idea of what you want. Do you need the cheapest option available, or do you want a roof that will last for 50 years? Do you prefer a metal roof or asphalt shingles? Do you have a specific color in mind? The more you can tell the company’s estimator about your general preferences, the easier it will be for him or her to provide you with the best options.
• Compile a list of potential contractors. Ask friends, neighbors and relatives if they can recommend a good roofer. When driving through your neighborhood, watch for yard signs placed by contractors who are working on the roof and jot down the company’s name. Drive by again after the work is completed to view the finished job and to ascertain whether the site was left clean and undamaged. Visit websites devoted to customer reviews of contractors and search for highly rated roofing companies in your area.
• Get written quotes from several roofing companies. Compare these quotes carefully to make sure that each bid is based on the same factors, including the material type and quantity, the responsibility for incidental fees, the scope of the work to be done and the time required to complete the job.
• Whenever possible, avoid hiring a roofing company during peak times. Roofing companies in Central Texas tend to be busiest during the autumn months, so scheduling your roof replacement in the spring may save you money. However, keep in mind that a major hailstorm or significant wind event will virtually always increase the workload of roofing contractors substantially.
• If you need more than just a roof replacement, bundling the services may reduce your expenses. For example, if you need new gutters, additional attic insulation, new siding, chimney repairs or a skylight installed, hiring a reputable contractor who can handle all of the work could save you money over hiring different contractors to each individual task.

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