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Commercial Roofing & Materials

Commercial Roofing & Materials, commercial roofing contractorsIf you own a commercial property that has a flat roof, commercial roofing contractors have limited options for material.  However, other styles of architecture lend themselves to many of the same roofing materials used on homes, but the material chosen for a commercial roof needs to be evaluated using different criteria than you would use when choosing material for your home. Fortunately, it is not all that difficult to choose the perfect material if you follow these helpful tips.

Commercial Roofing & Materials – A Material That Will Weather the Weather

The weather in Austin can be brutal. Hailstorms, strong winds, harsh sunlight and typical humidity levels can take a toll on your roofing material. Even if you love the wooden shakes or shingles on the roof of your home, avoid them for a commercial property; they do not offer great protection from the weather and will need to be replaced sooner than other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles or a metal roofing system would be an excellent choice. Both are visually appealing, and either will help reduce your cooling costs.

Commercial Roofing & Materials  – Colors to Help Control Cooling Costs

In Austin, it typically costs more to cool a building than to heat it. Light colors do a better job of reflecting the sun’s light and heat; dark colors absorb more heat. A white roof reflects the most heat, so it is the best choice for lowering your cooling costs.

Commercial Roofing & Materials  – Consider Avoiding Your Brand Colors

Speaking of colors, you might want to evaluate whether you really need to stick with your brand colors. If your brand colors are red and turquoise, do you really want your building to be so overwhelmingly extreme? Outlandish color schemes can make it harder to sell your property if you need to move to another location, and the other property owners may feel that you are lowering the value of their properties or negatively impacting the neighborhood’s prestige. Many times, it is better to choose a neutral color for your roof; save your brand colors for lettering or signs.

Commercial Roofing & Materials  – Avoid a Monotone Look

Trying to match the color of your roof to the color of your building is probably not the best of ideas. First of all, a monochromatic look can be boring. Second, if you fail to match the color precisely, it can be aesthetically displeasing. A difference of even a few shades can make the overall effect look a bit tacky. Instead of attempting to match colors, choose complementary colors for better visual appeal.

Commercial Roofing & Materials  – Solar Panels

Solar panels are growing in popularity, but not all roofs are suitable for their installation. If you have been considering adding solar panels, you need to make sure that you choose a roofing material that will do well beneath them. Contact an experienced roofing professional to learn which roofing materials would work best. Even if you do not plan to install solar panels for another year or two, thinking ahead can help you avoid additional costs to get your roof retrofitted to support the panels.

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