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Commercial Roofing & Budgeting

Commercial Roofing & Budgeting, commercial roofing companiesIf you do not find preparing a budget to be your favorite task, you need not feel lonely. When budget time rolls around, many people groan inwardly — or loudly. This is especially true for capital budgets that may span multiple years. If you are responsible for preparing the budget to repair your commercial roof and its eventual replacement, there are some steps that you can take to make the process simpler while improving the accuracy of your projections.

Commercial Roofing & Budgeting

Have a Reputable Commercial Roofer Conduct Regular Inspections

Commerical roofing companies can provide you with inspections and updates on the status of your roof. You will have a better idea of the type of repairs that your roof will need, when they will likely be needed and when your roof will need to be replaced. At a minimum, have your roof inspected annually and after every major storm.

Make Preventive Maintenance a Priority

Regular, professional maintenance can add 25 percent or more to the life of your commercial roof. Furthermore, preventive maintenance can reduce your repair costs. When minor issues are identified and corrected early, they do not turn into major repairs. Conversely, neglect can leave you facing costly repairs that may not have been included in your budget. It can also help you avoid the shock of learning that your 8-year-old roof — which has never been inspected or maintained — requires immediate replacement when you expected that the roof had another 12 years of useful life.

Pay Attention to the Little Things

When you receive a report following an inspection, review it closely. Many people have a tendency to focus only on any major issues identified during the inspection. However, it can often be the little things that lead to an unexpected repair. For example, the report might note that the gutters are clogged or that a seam needs to be sealed. These issues may not appear to be worth correcting, but if you ignore them, they can lead to interior leaks, ruined insulation and/or a reduction in the life of your roof.

Protect the Manufacturer’s Warranty

The companies that manufacture the materials used on your commercial roof have to defend themselves against claims caused by things other than defective manufacturing. Most manufacturers have clauses in their warranties that limit their liabilities if their products are not installed correctly or are subjected to abuse. Many manufacturers also include a clause stating that the warranty can be voided if you do not maintain your roof properly. Discovering that the manufacturer will not pay for the cost of replacing the materials on a roof that has failed prematurely can be an unwelcome surprise. You probably have nothing in the budget to cover the roof replacement, so having to pay for the materials is just another overrun you must explain to your boss.

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