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Roofing: How to Avoid Sales Pressure | Austin, TX

Roofing: How to Avoid Sales Pressure | Austin, TX, roof contractor austin txYou have probably been exposed to at least one incident involving high-pressure sales tactics. Perhaps you drove into an auto dealership, allowed the valet to park your car — and then had to spend an hour reiterating your desire to leave before your keys were finally returned. Maybe you agreed to allow a salesperson to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner in your home, and when you decided it was more than you could afford, the salesperson called the office and insisted that you speak with his or her supervisor. There are many different tactics that a salesperson can employ to convince you to buy something that you cannot afford, do not need and do not want. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous companies that attempt to sell roofing services using some of the same tactics. The following information can help you deal with a roofing company representative who tries to pressure you into making a commitment.

Do Not Allow Them to Rush You

Representatives for shady roofing contractors may tell you that they can give you an extremely attractive price if you sign a contract while they are there. They may tell you that the special price expires at midnight, that their roofing company will not allow them to offer the price on a second visit or that they need to have the contract signed before their boss gets back in the office and disapproves the price. They may tell you that they have other jobs scheduled in your area, so if you commit in time for them to add your work to the list, they can offer you a radically reduced rate.

Do not fall for any of these lines. Roofing contractors purchase supplies well in advance, so they seldom offer any kind of a short-term special. Occasionally, a roof contractor may offer discounted roofing services if they are trying to keep their crews working during slow periods, but even then, you would not have to make an instant decision. As far as a boss who would not approve the ridiculously low price — do you really want to sign a contract with a salesperson who displays so little integrity?

Simply tell the salesperson that you want time to review the contract thoroughly, conduct a little research or consult a friend who has extensive knowledge about roofing services. Stand your ground. If the salesperson becomes argumentative, ask him or her to leave.

Do Not Allow Them to Manipulate You

Another high-pressure tactic used by some roofing contractors is to prey on your emotions so that they can manipulate you into deciding to sign a contract. They may attempt to earn your empathy by sharing their health issues or financial struggles. They may try to foster guilt in you by insinuating that you are somehow ignoring your family’s well-being. They may tell you that your entire home could literally fall down if you do not replace your roof immediately.

Reputable roofing contractors do not play these games. They behave professionally and treat customers with respect. If you feel that the salesperson is attempting to manipulate you, terminate the meeting.

Do Not Tolerate Condescension

Your roof is a significant financial investment, so you have the right to have all of your questions answered. A salesperson who brushes aside your questions by telling you that the answer is too technical for you to understand or that you need not concern yourself with the issue should be shown the door. Representatives for honest roof contractors know how to explain the entire process in language that is easily understood. Scammers will try to confuse you with jargon — if they bother to answer your questions at all.

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