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Austin Roofing -The Wrong Roofer?

Austin Roofing -The Wrong Roofer?, austin residential roofing Most people have heard horror stories about roofing jobs gone wrong. Maybe you heard about a case in which the roofer removed the old roof without tarping the exposed deck before leaving for the day, resulting in damage to the home’s interior from an overnight thunderstorm. Perhaps you heard a story about a homeowner who had virtually every one of his new shingles blow off less than a month after the contractor finished the installation. Maybe you heard about cases where new roofs leaked the first time it rained, inspectors informed the homeowner that the new overlay violated the building code for the number of layers allowed on a roof or the roofer’s crew destroyed the homeowner’s landscaping. In most of the stories about nightmare roofing jobs, the damage occurs after the contract is signed. The key to avoiding the nightmare is to make sure that you hire the right roofing contractor in the first place. Here are some signs that you may be considering the wrong contractor for your roofing work.

Austin Roofing -The Wrong Roofer?

No Written Quote

Your contractor should provide you with a detailed written quote prior to asking you to sign a contract. The quote should separate material and labor costs, include an expected start and completion date and specify the type and quantity of each material. The payment schedule and acceptable payment methods should be clearly stated. The quote should bear the contractor’s name, address, phone number, email and logo. It should also be signed by the contractor or his authorized representative.

Communication Is Unsatisfactory

The area of communication can include a variety of issues. If the contractor speaks to you in a condescending manner, avoids answering your questions or does not respond to your messages, keep looking. A reputable contractor knows that you are probably not as familiar with roofing materials, terminology and methods as he is, so he will not mind explaining things to your satisfaction. He will always treat you with respect by using an appropriate tone and responding to your attempts to communicate with him. If he is avoiding your calls before you have signed the contract, he will likely become even more difficult to reach once the ink is dry. A refusal to communicate can indicate that the contractor is trying to hide something from you.

Troubling Payment Schedule or Method

Never hire a contractor who only accepts payment in cash. If you pay with a credit card or check, you will have more options available should something go wrong. Never sign a contract that requires you to pay a large sum before work commences. Almost no reputable contractor will ask for a large down payment or require customers to pay for the complete job in advance. On an extensive job, an interim payment may be required, but that should be clearly stated in the quote. On occasion, a contractor might ask for a deposit to cover a custom order; again, that should be included in the quote.

No Proof of Insurance

If your contractor cannot provide you with proof of insurance, you should be concerned. At minimum, he should carry workers’ compensation insurance covering all of his employees, vehicle liability insurance covering any vehicles that will be accessing your property and general liability insurance. If the contractor is not insured, you could end up paying the medical expenses if his employee is injured on the job or paying to repair damage caused by his workers to your property or property belonging to your neighbor.

Contractor Cannot Provide References

Obtaining and verifying a contractor’s references can help you find the best contractor. If he cannot provide you with valid references, it may mean that no previous customers were happy with his work. Try to obtain local references so that you can drive by to see the quality of his finished work for yourself.

Alpha Roofing: The Right Contractor

Alpha Roofing is an Austin residential roofing contractor and our reputation speaks for itself. We have won awards for our damage recognition, customer service and the overall quality of our work. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, have amazing references and are fully insured. All of Alpha Roofing installers are roofing professionals who are highly experienced and well-trained. Whether you need asphalt shingles installed, a metal roofing system, roof repair, new siding installed, a preventive maintenance plan, a roof inspected, flashing repaired, a skylight installed or moss removed from your roof, we can help. If you have more questions about Austin Roofing -The Wrong Roofer?, or would like a free, no-obligation quote, call one of our knowledgeable staff members at (512) 777-1086 or use the online form to send us your information.