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Austin Roofing: Keeping Your Roof Happy

A happy roof equals a happy homeowner. A properly constructed roof should last for many years without any serious and costly problems for the homeowner. The key to maintaining a happy, healthy roof is based on your attentiveness to your roof’s needs and acting quickly to minimize damage. When the time comes for repairs to your roof, the matter should be attended to by a qualified and professional roofing contractor. Following are some tips to help you safeguard the happiness of your roof.

Austin Roofing: Keeping Your Roof Happy – Stay Off Your Roof

Besides being dangerous, walking on a roof can cause serious damage to the shingles, panels or tiles as well as the underlying materials that support them. Even a new roof can be damaged easily by walking on it, and the potential for damage increases with the age of the roof. Metal roofs are very slippery even when dry and should never be walked on by a novice. Safely walking on a roof requires training, experience and specialized safety equipment. At the very least, walking on your roof will shorten its expected life. One of the best things you can do for your roof is to stay off.

Austin Roofing: Keeping Your Roof Happy – Cleanliness Is Happiness

Having the gutters cleaned at least once a year is a great way to protect your roof. Built-up debris inside the gutter can clog the downspout and cause water to collect and overflow, damaging facia boards and seeping under the edges of your roof covering. The underlayment materials — and eventually the decking and possible the rafters — will be destroyed. Tree branches that have fallen on top of your roof should be removed promptly and carefully. Your roofing contractor can easily determine if any damage has occurred from falling tree limbs and act quickly to repair any problems.

Mold, mildew and even moss can form on a roof. A pressure washer should never be used to remove anything from the roof. Pressure washers are far too strong and can quickly tear away asphalt shingles or other types of roofing materials. A reputable roofing contractor will have the proper equipment and materials to remove any foreign matter from any type of roof.

Austin Roofing: Keeping Your Roof Happy – Seek Professional Care

Although the temptation to undertake needed repairs may be overwhelming for some homeowners — especially when the repairs seem minimal — the true extent of the damage often goes much deeper and requires a greater knowledge of roofing science. Quick fixes usually do not last very long and should never be left as permanent repairs. The integrity of your roof is at stake as well as everything under it, including your family and belongings. Insurance claims are often denied because needed repairs were not performed by professional roofing contractors. Hiring the best roofing contractor possible is the surest way to keep your roof happy.

Austin Roofing: Keeping Your Roof Happy – Be Alert

You do not need to walk on your roof to identify some signs that your roof is in distress. If your asphalt shingles are more than two years old, finding a great many granules around your downspouts or in your gutters indicates an unhappy roof. After a storm presenting high winds has passed, take a look at your roof and in your yard to see whether any shingles have blown off. If you have a metal roof, look for panels that may have shifted during a wind event or been dented by hail.

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