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Roof Replacement & Skylights | Austin Roofer

Roof Replacement & Skylights | Austin Roofer | Austin Roofer, residential roofing austin tx If you are in need of a new roof, you might want to consider adding skylights at the same time. Having the same contractor handle both tasks simultaneously offers three important benefits. First, the installation costs will be more if you have the projects performed separately than if you combine the work. Second, the results will be better; when skylights are installed at the same time as the roof, there is less risk of an improper seal, roof damage or a leak. Third, it will be more convenient since you will only need to deal once with workers at your home.

Roof Replacement & Skylights | Austin Roofer

The Benefits of Skylights

For centuries before the invention of electric lighting, skylights were common elements in industrial and public buildings. Ancient Roman architecture frequently included open skylights, but these oculi allowed rain to enter as well as light. After glass became relatively affordable during the Industrial Revolution, closed skylights became increasingly common in homes as well as banks, civic buildings and commercial establishments. In recent years, venting, retractable and tubular skylights have advanced skylight technology to incorporate features that were not available in earlier centuries. Over the last few decades, the popularity of skylights has grown due to the benefits that they provide.

• Humans see better in natural light than in artificial light. Even on cloudy days, skylights provide up to 10 times as much light as windows. Furthermore, skylights can do a superior job of lighting central areas where light from the windows does not reach.
• Skylights can help reduce energy bills. The natural light can reduce dependence on electric lighting. In addition, sunlight entering the home during the winter months can often allow you to use less energy for heating, while in the summer months, a ventilating skylight can allow hot air to be drawn up and out to keep your home cooler and the air fresher.
• Exposure to sunlight provides certain health benefits. Sunlight helps replenish vitamins D and B1, increases serotonin production and helps improve mood. Studies have also shown that people who receive adequate exposure to sunlight experience a better quality of sleep than those who receive insufficient sunlight.
• As cities and towns grew, homes began to be built on smaller lots and privacy became an important issue. Privacy is still an issue for most homeowners. Skylights can provide the light that people want without requiring them to sacrifice their privacy, especially in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
• Skylights can enhance the ambiance of a room. Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms can all benefit from natural light and a glimpse of the sky. In small rooms, skylights can add life and make the space seem larger.
• Natural sunlight can help reduce dampness and humidity. In turn, mold will find the environment less hospitable and will have a more difficult time surviving and expanding.

Keep in mind that skylights must be installed and sealed properly to provide optimal benefits. Therefore, you should always choose an experienced, reputable contractor. At Alpha Roofing, we are an Austin commercial and residential roofing contractor and we have the expertise you need. We install skylights, asphalt shingles, siding, flashing and metal roofing systems. We also provide roof repairs, chimney repairs and moss and debris removal. We are an award-winning roofing company with impeccable references, a commitment to customer satisfaction and a reputation for providing superior work. For a free quote, call (512) 777-1086 or fill out the online form.