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What should Austin homeowners look for in a roofing estimate?

What should Austin homeowners look for in a roofing estimate? austin roofingRegardless of the type of material you choose, the weather can have a dramatic impact on Texas roofing. High levels of ultraviolet radiation, frequent hailstorms, heavy rains, seasonal changes in the temperature, high winds and humidity levels that are often extremely uncomfortable can all inflict damage on your roof or age it prematurely. Since you understand the critical role that your roof plays in protecting the structural integrity of your home and your possessions, you decide that it is time to start collecting estimates for replacing your roof. However, you might not be certain what an estimate should include.

How Do Reputable Roofing Contractors Prepare an Estimate?

First, you should understand what a roof contractor Austin homeowners can trust will not do when preparing an estimate.

1. He will not make a binding quote over the phone without a personal evaluation of your site.
2. He will not scribble a single amount on a scrap of paper and call it an estimate.
3. He will not tell you that the estimate is only valid if you sign a contract immediately.
4. He will not be reluctant or unable to answer your questions about materials, his experience and his crew.
5. He will not be disrespectful, impatient or condescending.
6. He will not try to sell you a new roof if all you need is a minor repair.

Reputable contractors understand that Austin residential roofing customers need time to compare quotes and conduct research on the company. They also know that the average homeowner does not stay current on every innovation or trend in the roofing industry. In many instances, the homeowner has never needed to replace a roof, so he or she does not know all that the project will involve. The time that the contractor is willing to spend to prepare your estimate and explain it thoroughly can be a good indication of his professionalism and credibility. He will make sure that your estimate includes answers to all of the following questions.

1. What materials will be used? Your estimate should state the manufacturer and style. If applicable, the color should also be included.
2. How much of each material will be needed?
3. How much of the estimate is earmarked for labor?
4. Will the contractor remove the existing roof? If so, who will be responsible for providing a dumpster and paying for any disposal fees?
5. What is the expected start date, and how long will the job take? Keep in mind that weather can force a contractor to alter his schedule, especially the starting date.
6. What is the payment schedule? Never pay for the entire job in advance. A reasonable down payment may be acceptable if you are ordering custom materials that the contractor would have difficulty selling to someone else should you change your mind.
7. What is the contractor’s physical address and contact information?
8. What are the warranties on the materials, and what is the contractor’s warranty on his workmanship?

In addition to providing you with a written, itemized estimate, reputable Austin residential roofing contractors will have no problem providing you with proof of their liability and workers’ comp insurance. They will also provide you with a list of former customers that you can contact to verify the quality of their work.

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