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5 Tips to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring

Spring is here and with it comes wind and rain. Hail comes a bit later in early summer, along with the progressively intense heat – which can sometimes be the biggest problem for a roof.  Here are four simple tips to prepare your roof for whatever this year has in store for it:

1. Contact a licensed roofing company to request an inspection. Every component of your roof should be inspected – shingles, gutters, flashing and trim.  A professional inspection can identify vulnerabilities and ultimately prevent damage before it happens.

2. Most Central Texas roofers will include the attic in their inspection because attics often provide the first clue that there is a problem with the roof. Water stains, warped or damp wood, mildew, mold or damp and stained attic insulation are among the signs that moisture is entering or collecting in the attic. An experienced roofing contractor will know how to trace the source of a leak – and provide a solution.

3. Work with a contractor who offers debris and moss removal. Anything not permanently affixed to your roof should be removed – branches, leaves, moss or algae, toys or other debris/trash.  Moss and algae can damage asphalt shingles – work with a roofing contractor that provides services to address these problems.

4. Have your gutters cleaned to ensure that they can handle the run-off from spring storms. Gutters help protect your roof from damage, but they can also help prevent damage to structural components, landscaped areas, foundations and furnishings.

5. Check your trees for overhanging branches that could fall on your roof during a storm. Wood is far heavier than most people realize, so even a relatively small branch can inflict severe damage if it falls on your roof. If your roofing contractor does not trim trees, call a licensed, insured arborist to deal with the issue.