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Why Wood Siding Makes Sense

Why Wood Siding Makes Sense, Alpha Roofing, Austin, TXOnce, wood boards or shakes were the primary choices available for siding homes in the United States. Whether building new towns during the westward expansion or having Victorian mansions constructed in eastern cities, wood siding provided an elegant, durable and economical solution for cladding walls. Wood siding remains an excellent option for a number of reasons.

Wood Siding is Classic

In the fashion world, a classic is something that can stand the test of time without going out of style. Although other siding options may come and go, many fall out of favor as quickly as they grew in popularity. Wood siding never looks dated or old-fashioned. Instead, it marks the property owner as someone who values the “tried and true” over fads.

Wood Siding is Durable

It is true that wood siding requires a bit of maintenance. It will need regular painting, staining or sealing to prevent water damage and rot. If properly installed and correctly maintained, however, wood siding can last several decades.

Wood Siding is Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood siding creates a play of light and shadow that other siding materials cannot replicate. This shadowing adds character and interest to the curb appeal of the structure. Other architectural features, such as cornices and window frames, seldom require alteration, allowing the building’s design to remain intact.

Wood Siding is Available Made from Various Woods

The popularity of specific woods varies by region. In Central Texas, some of the most popular woods chosen for siding are cedar, fir, redwood and pine. These woods are also used in many other areas, but in some regions, oak, larch and sweet chestnut sidings are popular as well. Because wood siding works well with other cladding materials, some homeowners choose to mix woods, such as installing pine siding and then adding cedar shakes or oak clam-shells as decorative touches.

To Learn More about Wood Siding

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