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Wood Siding Maintenance

Wood Siding Maintenance, Alpha Roofing, Austin, Texas, siding,Whether you choose board-and-batten, clapboard or another style of wood siding, you can count on having one of the most aesthetically pleasing products available for your home’s exterior. You can also count on having to replace all or part of your siding prematurely if you do not provide it with the proper maintenance.

Protect Wood Siding Against Moisture Damage

Moisture causes wood to rot and decay. Wood siding needs to be protected with a clear sealer, paint or stain.

• Clear sealers allow the natural color of the wood to show through, and they will slow — but not stop — the effects of the sun’s rays that will turn all wood gray. Fresh sealer needs to be applied at intervals no greater than 24 months.
• Paint is available in virtually any color, and changing colors is easy. Wood siding should be repainted every five years; if the paint begins to peel, flake, blister or crack, the siding should be repainted as soon as possible.
• Stain penetrates the fibers of wood siding and helps seal out moisture, but it lets the natural grain show through. However, because stain is a penetrant, it is typically quite difficult to change colors once it has been applied to wood siding.

Replace Damaged Siding

Whether you plan to paint, stain or seal your wood siding, you should replace any damaged siding first. Replacing just one or two boards can be tricky if you want to remove the damaged ones without disturbing adjacent boards, so it is best to let an experienced professional handle this.

Keep Wood Siding Clean

Most discolorations are caused by dirt. An annual cleaning with a soft-bristled brush and soapy water can often restore wood siding to its former beauty. If the stains are black spots, it is probably mildew, which can be cleaned with a bleach solution: use a cup of bleach for every four cups of water. Black or red vertical streaks or splotches are often rust stains, and they can be removed by scrubbing with a solution of water and oxalic acid. Dissolve 16 ounces of oxalic acid in a quart of warm water. Always wear the proper hand and eye protection when working with bleach or oxalic acid.

General Tips

Keep tree branches and shrubbery away from wood siding; foliage serves as a conduit for moisture that could penetrate cracks between panels. Caulk around wall penetrations such as windowsills and doors; inspect caulking periodically and replace it as necessary. Whenever possible, eliminate horizontal ledges that allow water to pool.

Regardless of the home’s architectural style, wood siding is a beautiful option. With diligence and timely maintenance, your wood siding should last for many decades.

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