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Winter Roof Maintenance In Austin

Winter Building Roof Maintenance In Austin, Alpha Roofing Industries, LLCIf your building has a low-slope or flat roof, you know that it offers a number of advantages — and a few challenges. Winter weather can be unpredictable in Central Texas, and although all types of roofs need to be “winterized,” it is especially important to for built-up roofing systems and roof maintenance.

Built-up roofing systems become less flexible in cold weather, making them more susceptible to damage. Walking on roofing membranes during sub-freezing weather can be unpleasant and more hazardous, but it can also harm your roof. Therefore, early autumn is typically an ideal time to make sure that your building’s roof is ready for winter if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises later in the year.

Inspection the Building’s Interior

Check the ceilings and walls for signs of water penetration, such as bubbled paint or stains, and then track down and repair the source of the leak. Do not forget to check storage rooms, stairwells and other seldom-used areas for roof maintenance.

Inspect the Roof Itself

Once you are on the roof, there are several areas that you need to inspect for roof maintenance. Check for loose, thin or torn membranes; repair these as soon as possible but no later than the onset of winter. Make sure that all caulking is intact and fill any voids or replace caulking that has deteriorated. Inspect all roof penetrations to ensure that the flashing is in good condition. Check the perimeter masonry for missing or damaged mortar, broken bricks or signs that water is penetrating.

Inspect Your Drainage System

Make sure that all scuppers, downspouts and gutters are free from obstructions and that water can drain properly. Check any clamping rings or strainers as well for roof maintenance.

Be Prepared for Winter’s Arrival

Some winters are more severe than others, so it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. Brush brooms can be extremely handy if you must clear ice from your roof. Ice that collects around roof penetrations or against walls and curbs can be a problem once it begins to melt, especially if its height exceeds the height of your flashing. Make sure that your staff members know the risks of walking on a built-up roof during the winter. To reduce the risk of falls, instruct personnel to avoid walking on the roof prior to 10 a.m. or at night due to a greater likelihood of encountering ice.

If You Need Help Winterizing Your Building’s Roof

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