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What is Fascia

What is Fascia, Alpha Roofing, Austin, TexasYour roof is actually comprised of a number of different components. You may be quite familiar with some of these components, such as the rafters, decking or valleys. However, there may also be components with names that you have never heard, such as soffits, gable-end bracing or fascia.  Trying to determine “what is fascia” is a reasonable question.

Where Do You Find It

The fascia is the board located below the edge of your roof. It runs the length of your roof. Fascia should not be confused with soffit. Soffit is located beneath your eaves and covers the gap between the fascia boards and the building’s walls. Modern soffit is usually made from metal or vinyl rather than wood, and it normally has small ventilation holes that enhance attic ventilation. Typically, your gutters are attached to the fascia. Fascia boards are usually wood although they may also be vinyl or metal. They are usually considered part of the trim when painting.

The Role of Fascia

Fascia boards give a finished appearance to the roof, but there purpose is more than aesthetics. Their primary role is to prevent water from reaching the building’s interior or backing up under the roof’s edge.

Preventing Damage

Because fascia boards play an important part in protecting the contents of the building as well as the entire roofing system, it is important to keep them properly maintained. One of the leading causes of damaged fascia is clogged gutters; water backs up and overflows onto the fascia. If your fascia boards are wood, you will want to maintain the paint to help stop the wood from rotting. Drip edge — metal plates that are inserted under the first row of shingles — can help ensure that runoff reaches the gutters instead of flowing across the fascia. It is also a good idea to keep trees trimmed to avoid damage from branches that can scrape against your fascia.

If You Notice Damage to Your Fascia

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