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Tile Roofs Require Cleaning

Tile Roofs Require Cleaning, Alpha Roofing, Austin TXTile roofs have been used for centuries in many parts of the world. They are distinctive, attractive and low-maintenance. Although there are some parts of the country in which a tile roof may go decades between cleanings, in Central Texas, your tile roof can benefit from a professional cleaning every year or two.

How It Works!


Algae, fungi and mold can grow on tile roofs, making them less attractive. The Austin area receives more than enough rainfall and warm weather to provide these organisms with an ideal breeding ground. Once established, they will continue to spread over the roof. Dirt and debris, such as leaves or fallen twigs, can detract from the beauty of your roof as well.


In addition to affecting the appearance of your roof, debris and plant growth can affect your roof’s ability to shed water. They impede runoff, and water can penetrate around the edges of the tiles. Because tiles are installed on horizontal wood strips, once water finds a path beneath a tile, it can spread along the entire length of the strip. Damages can be increased, but this can also make it difficult to find the precise location of a leak.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Roofer to Clean Your Tile Roof

Tile roofs can be easily damaged from walking on them. Furthermore, leaves, trash, moss, fungi and algae can make the roof even more slippery than it is under normal conditions. Professional roofers know how to walk on tile roofs without damaging them should rooftop access be required for the cleaning. They have the safety equipment needed to prevent falls. In addition, professional roofers know the best way to clean tile roofs without damaging them; for example, for some issues, the roofer may not need to step on your roof to clean it, and he will know which methods or cleansers are most effective for each situation.

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