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Is It Always Necessary To Tear Off Existing Shingles?

Is It Always Necessary To Tear Off Existing Shingles? For a reroofing job, there are two options. The first is to remove existing shingles; this is called a tear-off. The second is to install new shingles over the old; this is called a lay-over. Therefore, it is not always necessary to tear off existing shingles — but it is almost always the better method. Here are a few reasons why a tear-off is better than a lay-over:

• A tear-off can reveal hidden damages, such as cracked decking or signs of water penetration, permitting correction before additional harm is done.
• A tear-off gives you the opportunity to have new felt or underlayment installed, reducing your risk of leaks.
• A tear-off reduces the weight to which your trusses and supports are subjected.
• A tear-off typically provides a cleaner, more attractive roof.
• Some manufacturers’ warranties do not apply (or benefits may be reduced) unless installations follow their guidelines precisely — and their guidelines are not typically designed for a lay-over.
• A tear-off is a good opportunity to identify and correct issues with poor attic ventilation or condensation.

Many local building codes specify the maximum load to which a roof can be subjected, based on the type of construction originally employed. Some jurisdictions just specify the number of layers of shingles that can be placed on a roof. Therefore, you may be required to choose a tear-off instead of a lay-over.

As for the disposal of the shingles removed, your contract and your written estimate should clearly state who is responsible for the collection, haul-off and disposal charges involved. Typically, the contractor handles it. However, if it is not specifically stated, ask for it to be included before you make a commitment to make sure that you are not held responsible for the charges.

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