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Spring Roofing Tips

Spring Roofing Tips, Austin Residential RoofingSpring in Central Texas can bring many beautiful days. The trees are returning from dormancy, flowers are beginning to bloom and the chances are excellent that the weather will be sunny with just a slight breeze. However, spring in this area can also bring thunderstorms, high winds and large hail. Considering the abuse that your roof may have suffered over the winter, it is wise to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof before severe weather arrives. If your roof has already suffered damage, storms can worsen the damage and leave you with costlier repairs.

Spring Roofing Tips – About Roof Inspections

The best — and safest — way to obtain a detailed picture of your roof’s condition is to hire a reputable, experienced contractor to conduct the inspection. However, you can learn a great deal about your roof while standing on the ground and using a pair of binoculars to examine your roof from all sides. There are certain areas that you will not be able to see from the ground. If you have a safe ladder that will reach at least 36 inches above the gutter while retaining its proper angle from the house, you can usually get a good view of these hidden areas. If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder or have problems with your balance, however, please put your safety first and engage a professional to conduct the inspection.

What to Look for During a Roof Inspection

Carefully examining every inch of your roof that is visible from the ground can allow you to catch problems early. This gives you time to have repairs made before roofers become swamped with work in the summer. Here are some of the things you should look for when viewing your roof through binoculars.

• Missing shingles may have blown off during a storm. If it has not already done so, water will leak beneath the neighboring shingles the next time it rains.
• Broken, blistered, curled, buckled or cut shingles are signs that you definitely need to contact a roofing contractor. Blistered shingles appear to have areas that have been raised from their normal position. Curling can happen at the corners or on the ends. Buckling may resemble blisters or breaks.
• Broken, missing or rusted flashing gives water an easy way to flow beneath the shingles. Even if the rest of your roof is in excellent condition, compromised flashing can quickly lead to major problems. Flashing is typically quick and economical to replace.
• If there are loose granules on your shingles, they may have been washed from shingles that are higher on the roof. A few loose granules may not be cause for alarm, but if you see that they cover a large section of your roof, it typically indicates that your shingles are disintegrating. You should also check around your downspouts and foundation to see how many granules you find. It is normal for new shingles to have excess granules that need to be washed away, but if your shingles are more than a few years old, granule loss is a definite sign that something is wrong.

After you have seen all that you can from the ground, it is time to place your ladder. Choose an area with solid, firm, level ground. Place the ladder so that it slopes 12 inches from your house for every 48 inches in height.

• Examine the area where your gutters meet your roof. Look for signs that water is dripping behind the gutter rather than into it. Check for signs of damaged trim boards.
• Examine your gutters and clean them out if they are full of leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can force water underneath the edges of the roof or allow it to drain down your exterior walls. Look for granules in your gutters while you are there.
• Examine the areas of your roof that you could not see from the ground. These include your valleys and hidden corners.

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