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Signs You May Need a New Roof

Signs You may Need a New Roof Austin TxSometimes, it is impossible to overlook the fact that you may need a new roof. If water is dripping from the ceiling onto your furniture whenever it rains, you are not likely going to miss that symptom. However, there are other warning signs that indicate that your roof is approaching the end of its life.

You May Need A New Roof If Your Shingles are Cupping or Clawing

Cupping and clawing are terms used to describe curling at the edges of shingles. Cupping is when shingles curl up at the edges, and clawing is when they curl under at the edges. You can normally spot curling shingles from the ground. While you are looking, check for missing or broken shingles.

You Notice Problems in the Attic

The attic provides an excellent vantage point for inspecting the underside of your roof. If daylight is finding its way through your roof boards, water will also have an easy access point signs that you may show you need a new roof. Check the insulation to see if it is damp.

You Have a Lot of Gravel in Your Gutters

Asphalt shingles have small granules pressed into them during the manufacturing process. As the shingles age, they can begin to lose their granules. Rain washes these granules into the gutters. If you notice an increasing amount of granules in your gutters, you should have a contractor inspect your shingles because you may need a new roof. Without their granules, your shingles are less able to resist water and resist damages from wind or hail.

You Notice Unusual Signs in Your Interior

Roofing leaks can be subtle. Large leaks that are confined to the wall rather than the ceiling can cause sheetrock to bow or sag. Small leaks can manifest as peeling wallpaper or paint that is peeling or bubbled. Discolorations or mold can also be a sign that water is reaching the interior of your home.

Other Parts of the Exterior Sustained Hail Damage

If hail has damaged your screens, siding or windows, there is a good chance that your shingles and flashings have been damaged as well. If you notice exterior damages after a hailstorm, you should consider calling a reputable contractor to conduct a thorough roof inspection.

Where to Find Help

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