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Your Roof When Selling Your House

Your Roof When Selling Your House, roofing companies, roof repair, austin, tx If you are planning to sell your house, you probably want to do all that you can to ensure a quick sale at the price you want. You may be wondering whether certain improvements can help you achieve both goals. Some improvements can return all or most of their costs when you sell, but others simply make your house more desirable, which can reduce the length of time that it is on the market. Here are some tips to help you decide which improvements you should prioritize.

Your Roof When Selling Your House- How Does It Look?

An old, worn roof creates a negative impression in the minds of many buyers. They worry that there may be hidden leaks, damage to the decking or other issues that you have not disclosed. They may be concerned about having to invest in a new roof as soon as they buy the property, so they may decide to make a reduced offer to offset the cost of replacing the roof. In addition, if they are taking out a mortgage to purchase the home, the lender may deny the application or require that a new roof be installed prior to approval.

However, even a relatively new roof can have problems that make your home less desirable. If you have mold, algae or mildew growing on the roof, or just need general roof repair, consider having your roof professionally cleaned. There are also metal strips that can be installed to prevent regrowth.

Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Potential buyers might not be ready to make a commitment based solely on the home’s exterior appearance, but many people can decide against buying a property based on its curb appeal. Approximately 80 percent of today’s buyers begin with an online search to view pictures of possible homes before they drive by or call for an appointment to view a property. They want to see neat, well-maintained landscaping and a home without obvious defects. They do not want to see missing or sagging gutters, a lawn overgrown with weeds, windows that have been covered with plywood, peeling paint or rotted fascia boards, so take care of these issues. If your vinyl siding has suffered hail damage or discoloration, consider replacing it with wood siding. Whether used as trim on a home with a brick façade or to cover the entire exterior, wood siding is an extremely popular choice due to its beauty, and you can recover a substantial amount of your investment when you sell your home.

Other Tips

When getting a home ready to sell, many people make the mistake of over-improving or making improvements that have limited appeal. Here are some general tips.

• Remember that buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the home. Although certain improvements may hold great appeal for you, consider how potential buyers would view them. For example, installing a swimming pool that claims most of the yard could be a negative improvement if the buyer has small children or is an avid gardener.
• Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. You do not need a complete renovation, but simple improvements such as replacing a damaged countertop or upgrading the lighting can be worth the money.
• A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of your home. If you can paint the interior yourself, the cost will be minimal. Use neutral colors rather than unusual or dark shades.
• Flooring is very important. If your carpeting is stained or worn, consider replacing it if it cannot be cleaned adequately. If your hardwood floors are damaged, you might want to have them professionally refinished. Have broken or missing tiles replaced.
• Keep the interior bright. Dark, heavy drapes can make a room feel smaller and gloomier, so consider replacing them with drapes in a lighter shade. You might also consider having a skylight installed to brighten up an especially dark area. For example, if you have an interior bathroom or hallway that has no windows, a skylight can make the area much more cheerful.

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