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Shingle Roof Installation – Roofing Replacement

Shingle Roof Installation - Roofing Replacement, roof replacement austinSooner or later, your roof is going to need replacement. Whether your shingles have simply worn out or been severely damaged by hail or wind, a new roof is often the only way to ensure that the interior of your home and its furnishings — as well as your home’s structural components — are protected. However, because asphalt shingles are so durable, many homeowners have dealt with a roof replacement just once or twice in their lifetime. Therefore, it is normal to feel uncertain about all that is involved in the process. The following information can help you make the right decisions for your needs when it is time to replace your asphalt shingles.

Shingle Roof Installation – Roofing Replacement -Engage a Reputable, Experienced Roofing Contractor

Of all the things that go into a roofing job that you will be happy with for many years, nothing is more important that your selection of a roofing contractor. Ask friends and relatives to recommend a good contractor or make inquiries at local roofing supply firms. When interviewing contractors, ask for references that you can check, and take the time to call the Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor’s company is listed. Make sure that the roofer has valid workers compensation and general liability insurance policies.

Get and Compare Estimates

Obtain detailed, written estimates from the contractors that you are considering and compare them line-by-line to make sure that each contractor is quoting for the same materials and job scope. Each estimate should include a detailed description of the work to be performed, the duration of the project and separate line items for materials and labor. Furthermore, if you are having your old shingles removed, you need to make sure whether your contractor has included hauling and landfill fees. All materials should be fully described, including the brand and quantity. However, keep in mind that when the old shingles are removed, your contractor may discover hidden damage that is not covered by the original estimate. These types of damage are usually rather insignificant; for example, the contractor may find an additional piece of damaged decking that needs to be replaced.

Ask Your Contractor to Outline the Process

Understanding the steps involved in replacing your roof can help alleviate anxiety. Although the steps may vary, the normal process for replacing asphalt shingles typically involves the following steps.

• Your contractor will probably recommend the removal of the old shingles. If there are already two layers of shingles on your roof, there will be no option as building codes will not permit a third layer to be added. Even if you only have one layer, however, it is better to have the old shingles removed. This allows the contractor to find and repair hidden damage, including cracked, mildewed or rotted decking that may not have been discovered during the initial inspection. In addition, there are certain styles of shingles that should not be installed over an existing roof.
• Once the existing shingles have been removed, the contractor will repair any damages before installing the underlayment and drip edge. Underlayment is a type of roofing felt that is installed between the roof deck and the shingles. Special underlayment may be installed around pipes, chimneys and other roof penetrations. Drip edge helps keep runoff from finding its way beneath the shingles at the edges of the roof.
• The final step is to install the shingles that you have chosen, which will be installed from the bottom of your roof to the top. The roof will then be finished with hip and ridge along the roof ridges, and if needed, roof vents and flashing will be installed and sealed.

If you are considering a replacement roof, contact the professionals at Alpha Roofing Industries. We install asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, siding, skylights and we also offer roof leak repair, roof inspections, debris and moss removal, chimney repair and preventive maintenance plans. Our crews are composed of residential roofing professionals who work only for us. We are known for superior workmanship at competitive prices. If you have more questions about Shingle Roof Installation – Roofing Replacement, or would like a free quote, fill out the online request form or call (512) 777-1086.