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Roofing Improvements for the New Year | Austin, Texas

Roofing Improvements for the New Year | Austin, Texas, roofing austin txThe arrival of a new year is a great time to start considering the many options available for improving your home’s roofing system. Whether you are thinking of ways to benefit from new technology, merely wanting to upgrade your existing roof, making needed repairs, or replacing an aged roof, this could be an ideal time to take advantage of some of the roofing improvement designs and materials being offered by the ever-expanding roofing industry. Contact a licensed roofing contractor to discuss any of the following options that appeal to you.

How Can Gutters Improve a Roofing System?

Gutters perform an essential role in protecting your roof and home. Gutters catch the water at the point where it leaves the roof’s surface, safely directing it away from the house and dispersing it through downspouts. Without gutters, water flows freely off a roof’s edge and falls directly onto the ground. The uncontrolled flow of water can cause devastating damage to the foundation of your home. Water that splashes up after hitting the ground near the foundation can quickly damage the siding at the bottom of the house and eventually cause the interior bottom plates to rot, weakening the entire structure. Uncontrolled water can also damage other areas of the siding and finally enter the interior walls. Without a properly installed and carefully maintained gutter system, water can enter the exterior of the structure through gaps or inadequately caulked joints around the facia boards that trim the roof. Water entering the home at this point can potentially cause damage to interior walls and ceilings. Adding a gutter to your home or just upgrading your existing gutter can help protect your home as well as increase its value.

Typically, it is better to choose gutters made of metal over the vinyl types. Metal gutters may cost more, but they are much more reliable and last longer. Have your gutter installed or replaced by a reputable, experienced Austin roofer. If periodically having to clean the gutter is a problem, have a guard installed on it to minimize the debris that will accumulate in it.

What Are Some of the Latest Developments in Roofing Systems?

New and improved roofing materials are being released all the time. Repairs can be made easier and with more reliability, if you choose these advanced materials.

1. For a roof replacement, consider upgrading to a higher-rated shingle. These types of shingles can last longer and have fewer service requirements. Shingles manufactured today can have specific requirements built into them. Good choices for the Austin area include shingles that have high resistance to strong winds and hail. Some shingles can even lower your utility bills by reflecting the sun’s rays and keeping the inside of your home cooler.
2. Another excellent option for a replacement roof is a metal roofing system. For many homeowners, a metal roof can be the last replacement roof they will ever need; metal roofs can have life expectancies of more than 50 years. Properly installed, a metal roof can demonstrate exceptional resistance to hail and wind damage. However, since there is a great deal of difference in the installation of metal and shingle roofs, you need to select a roof company with the right training, equipment, and experience.
3. Consider adding a secondary water barrier between the decking and sheathing for increased protection. Leak barriers help prevent water intrusion, especially around vents and other roof penetrations.
4. Replace and upgrade flashing. Flashing is a vital part of leak prevention. Chimney flashing and the flashing at the points where walls meet the roof are especially important. Some of the newer flashings resist impact damage, rust and cracking better than their predecessors.

Whether you need a roof upgrade, an emergency roof repair or a replacement roof, you can trust Alpha Roofing for exceptional results at affordable prices. We are one of Austin’s leading roofing companies for both residential and commercial properties. Our roofing services include the installation of metal roofs, asphalt shingles, flashing, flat roofs, siding and skylights; the repair of chimneys, flashing and roofs; the removal of moss and debris; metal fabrication; and preventive maintenance programs. We are known for delivering exceptional quality and exemplary customer service at competitive prices. You can request a free quote on your project by calling our office at 512-777-1086 or submitting the online form.