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Why Your Roofing Contractor Needs a Permit

roofing permits in Austin, TexasIf you are having a new roof installed or your roof replaced, you should make sure that your roofing contractor has a permit for the work. Building codes vary by jurisdiction, but just as an example, within the city limits of Austin, permits are required whenever alterations or improvements are made to a residence as well as for new construction. If you have your shingles replaced, for example, without a permit, you could be required to replace them and/or fined, and it could also create issues if you sell your home. Given the costs involved, it only makes sense to make sure that your contractor obtains the proper permit for the work you are having done.

By requiring permits, governments are attempting to protect homeowners. A permit requires an inspection to ensure that the new roof meets the local building codes. Your area might require shingles that can withstand certain wind speeds, for example, or that carry a specific rating for fire resistance. Although this inspection can uncover certain issues, however, it is not necessarily a guarantee of the contractor’s workmanship. As a rule, though, the inspectors check to make sure that:

• In high-wind areas, asphalt shingles have been installed using the correct number of nails
• Metal drip edges have been installed properly
• Water and ice shields have been installed correctly, if appropriate
• The roof covering is appropriate for the slope of the roof
• Flashing is present and correctly installed.

A roofing contractor must be registered with the state or local government to obtain a building permit. This means that “fly-by-night” or out-of-state storm chasers seldom qualify for a permit. Thus, a roofing contractor who insists on obtaining the proper permits for every job is more likely to be a reputable roofer who will stand behind his work.

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