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Metal Roofing | Color Trends | Austin, Texas

Metal Roofing | Color Trends | Austin, TexasIn recent years, metal roofs have become exceedingly popular for Austin residential roofing. The low-maintenance material is being formed into a variety of designs that are becoming increasingly appealing to consumers. Appearing on older as well as newly constructed homes, metal roofs have achieved a new level of acceptance as a roofing choice. Whether you choose traditional panels or one of the modern metal shingle or tile designs, this long-lasting material can be an excellent investment and may increase the value of your home. Although more expensive than some asphalt shingles, a metal roof offers better resistance to fires, potentially lowering your insurance rate. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and offer superior energy efficiency.

What Is Most Important When Choosing to Have a Metal Roof Installed?

Having your metal roof installed by an experienced licensed roof contractor is critical. Your roofing contractor should have documented the experience in the installation of the type of metal roofing system that you desire. Metal roofs require specific knowledge, , and equipment to ensure the beauty and integrity of the finished product. Choose your Austin roofer carefully to make sure that you are getting the best metal roof possible. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to advise you on the different styles available and the proper maintenance of your metal roof after installation.

What Colors Are Available?

Because of the popularity of metal roofs, many color choices are available, and custom colors are also an option. Although your Austin roofer can assist you in determining popular color trends in your area, certain colors are perennial favorites, including dark green, light blue, and barn red. In recent months, many homeowners are choosing colors that have greater depth and contrast, and many are opting for metal roofs that have the appearance of an aged or rusted roof that looks as if the material has been reclaimed.

What Metal Roof Colors Are Best?

Before making your final choice of color, make sure that the paint quality on your chosen material is of superior quality. This will ensure the lasting beauty of the roof and significantly prolong its longevity. However, the best color to choose for your new metal roof is the color that you like best.

• Consider balancing the color of the roof with existing colors on the exterior of your home. Matching the roof color with the trim around windows and doors can be aesthetically pleasing. However, you need to remember that trim pieces and many other exterior features can be easily changed by repainting them to match any color you choose for the roof.
• Contrasting colors can also be aesthetically pleasing. Do not be afraid to think outside the box. You may even consider a roof that appears to be unpainted metal.
• When choosing your roof color, consider the fact that lighter colors reflect the sun’s heat away from the roof better than darker colors, and this can reduce your energy bill for cooling your home. However, the difference is often negligible if the house is well-constructed and has adequate attic ventilation and insulation. If you are still concerned about choosing a dark color, there are technologies available to allow a dark roof to disperse heat better, so be sure to ask your contractor about ways to cool down a darkly colored roof.

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