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Roofing: Birds & Potential Damages

Roofing: Birds & Potential Damages, austin roofing contractorsAccording to a survey conducted in 2013, there are at least 47 million Americans who are active birdwatchers. A different survey revealed that approximately 3.7 million households keep a total of 8.3 million birds as pets. These numbers show that a lot of people really like birds. However, it is one thing to enjoy the song of a bird perched in a tree growing in your neighborhood park, but it is a different story if you hear the chirping of baby birds while standing in your kitchen and realize that the noise is coming from your attic. It may be inspiring to see a flock of birds perched on the canopy covering the gas pumps at your local convenience store, but you will feel differently if the canopy collapses on top of your car from the excess weight of their feces that has been allowed to accumulate for many years. In other words, it is much easier to love birds when they are not causing damage to your property. Unfortunately, birds can cause extensive damage to your roof.

Roofing: Birds & Potential Damages – Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are quite acidic, and this acid can degrade asphalt-based roofing products. Droppings can lead to granule loss if you have asphalt shingles, degrade substrates such as tar-based felts and destroy many types of roofing cement. If you have a metal roof, droppings can corrode and/or discolor the roofing panels. Furthermore, whether the droppings are on top of the roof or in your attic, they can accumulate sufficiently to add enough weight to cause a collapse. Bird droppings on your roof also provide an excellent breeding ground for moss and lichen.

Damage Caused by the Birds Themselves

Birds are seldom content to merely perch on your roof while looking for appetizing targets. They are more likely to peck and scratch at your roof in an attempt to find seeds or insects. This can cause tiny punctures that will eventually allow water to leak beneath the surface. Many species will also look for a hospitable place to build their nests, including underneath roofing tiles, inside chimneys, behind damaged fascia boards or inside exhaust vents. Nests in ventilation systems and chimneys can allow carbon monoxide to build up inside the home, and nests in chimneys can also catch on fire.

Other Problems Related to Birds

Birds can potentially cause a variety of other problems. If they decide that your gutters seem to be a good place for their nests, the nests can prevent proper drainage, forcing water under the edges of the roof or giving runoff a better chance to damage your foundation. If they build their nests in your attic, the nest materials can present a fire hazard. Since bird droppings can contain as many as 60 different diseases, you could also be exposing yourself and your family to a variety of transmittable diseases. The droppings can destroy your attic insulation as well.

Dealing with Problem Birds

The best way to manage a bird problem is to consult a reliable roofing contractor. There are many ways that he can help you solve the problem humanely and effectively. For example, there are gels that will discourage birds from roosting on your roof without harming the birds. A professional roofer will also know where to look for roof openings and how to seal them.

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