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Does my home have adequate roof-to-wall connections and gable end bracing?

roof-to-wall connections and gable end bracing, austin TXThe roof-to-wall connection defines how the trusses, also called the roof framing, and the walls are attached and anchored; high winds can exert an upward force on the roof that can cause extensive damage if these connections fail. Gable-end bracing refers to how the end walls of the gables are attached to the roof sheathing. Failure of the gable-end bracing can lead to a collapse of the end walls.

The State of Texas recommends roof-to-wall connections for all homes located in areas subject to high winds. This description certainly applies to the Austin area as well as virtually every other location in the state. These connections need to be installed while the roof is off and typically require the removal of the bottom deck, which must then be reinstalled after the connections are in place.

There are two commonly used methods of roof-to-wall connections.

• Wraps: These are steel straps that are installed over the tops of trusses and anchored to wall along the side of the truss.
• Clips: These are steel straps that are attached to the sides, rather than the tops, of the trusses. Clips can also be used if the trusses are anchored to the wall’s top plate.

Gable-end bracing can be more of a problem to correct on an existing structure. For new construction, it is recommended to build full-height gable-end walls that reach from the bottom of the wall below the gable end to the roof deck. The gable-end walls should be constructed to be a continuous span between two or more lateral supports.

If your home was built without adequate gable-end bracing, there are ways to strengthen the supports. For example, it may be possible to replace a large section of the gable end walls. Regardless of whether the home was built with full gable-end bracing or requires modification, one of the most important requirements is to make sure that they are firmly attached to the roof decking or sheathing.

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