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What Is A “Roof Ridge” And Why Is It Important!

ridge-repair-roof-repairIf you stand on the ground and look at a pitched roof, you should be able to see a horizontal line that connects the front and back sections of your roof, i.e., the line marking the intersection of two sloped roof areas. Ridges should not be confused with hips, which are vertical lines marking the intersection of two roof areas and run from the ridge to the edge of the roof.

Your roof ridge serves a very important function, which is to seal out water that could otherwise penetrate beneath the roof covering. To illustrate, imagine that you are driving in a car with a convertible top. If there is a slit in the top, water will leak into the passenger compartment and ruin the upholstery, carpeting and any personal items within the car. If you were to place a small tent over the slit and secure it, the tent would channel water away and prevent it from reaching the interior. The ridge on your roof acts as a sort of “tent” to channel water away so that your gutters can carry it where it needs to go.

There are several ways that roofing contractors can “cap” your roof ridges, depending on the type of roof you have. For example, many manufacturers of asphalt shingles make a product called hip and ridge that is specifically for capping ridges and hips. The hip and ridge is made to match the color of the shingles that are being installed. Alternatively, three-tab shingles can sometimes be color-matched and cut to serve as ridge caps.

If you are having a new roof installed, you might also want to consider adding ridge vents. Roof ridge vents are relatively new, but they can provide substantial benefits for an economical cost. Ridge vents give the hot air in your attic an easily accessed escape route. They can also help remove humidity from your home and attic by improving the circulation of air.

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