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Roof Repair: Professional Contractor Is Needed

Roof Repair: Professional Contractor Is Needed, austin residential roofing Repairing a roof is a job that should be left to the professionals. Working on a rooftop can be dangerous; the leading cause of deaths related to construction sites is falling from a roof. Furthermore, small mistakes can have serious consequences, including hidden leaks that can cause costly damage to your home’s interior and structural integrity. In addition, many homeowners do not have the proper tools and materials required for an effective roof repair. The following list describes just a few of the tools and equipment that a professional residential roofing contractor may bring to repair your roof.

Roof Repair: Professional Contractor Is Needed

• Sturdy ladders are necessary for accessing the roof. If the home has a steeply sloped roof or multiple stories, scaffolding may be needed to provide safe access.
• A fall protection device can help arrest a fall if a worker should slip. These devices typically consist of a safety harness, a shock-absorbing lanyard, a roof anchor and a lifeline.
• Chalk lines and levels help ensure that asphalt shingles are aligned correctly.
• Most contractors use roofing hammers to nail shingles in place. Nail guns are often used to attach underlayment to the decking. The nails used must comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
• Sealants are sometimes used to ensure that water will not be able to penetrate around chimneys, skylights, vents and flashing.

Other Supplies the Contractor Should Bring

Experienced roofing contractors prepare for any contingencies. Having to retrieve supplies from the office or purchase them from a store can result in delays. Here are some of the supplies that your roofing contractor will likely bring to your site.

• Virtually all contractors carry tarps with them to every job. Once the decking has been exposed, it is essential to protect it by covering it with tarps if it begins to rain. Since roofing materials should never be installed over wet plywood, leaving the decking exposed can result in delays.
• Drip edge directs runoff away from the fascia to prevent damage. Many contractors carry extra drip edge to replace any that may be missing or damaged.
• Flashing is a critical part of preventing water penetration. Sometimes, existing flashing can be reused, but if it is bent or damaged during removal, it will need to be replaced. Experienced roofing contractors normally bring extra flashing to avoid delays.
• Occasionally, workers find that there are damaged areas in the plywood decking that could not be identified until the roof covering was removed. Many contractors have a limited amount of plywood on the truck dispatched to perform the repair. If a damaged area is found, the decking can be quickly replaced without workers having to stand idle while someone is sent to purchase or retrieve the needed plywood.

As you can see, there are a number of tools and materials needed to ensure a quality, timely, safe roof repair. Reputable roof contractors will have all of them in stock, but if you have to purchase them, the expense could exceed the cost of a professional repair.

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