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Roof Installation Austin, TX


Roof Installation Austin, TXSooner or later, every property owner will have to deal with a new roof installation in Austin, Tx.  Sometimes, the roof fails because it simply grows old and wears out. At other times, it may need replacement due to damages, such as a hailstorm or strong winds. Here are some tips to help you deal with a roof installation.


• Take a closer look at your neighbors’ roofs. What roofing materials and colors are most popular? Unless local ordinances or codes restrict your choices, you can normally select any roof you want. However, you might not want to choose a style or color that differs significantly from the others. For example, if all of the roofs in your neighborhood are earth-toned asphalt shingles, installing an emerald green metal roof might draw more attention to your property than you would like.
• Keep in mind the importance of a roof’s pitch (angle) when selecting roofing materials. Not all types of roofing are suitable for roofs of different pitches without additional construction. For example, if your roof has a very low slope, you might prefer choose something besides traditional three-tab asphalt shingles.
• Ask friends, neighbors and family members whether they can recommend a roofing contractor. If they have no recommendations, expand your search. Contact local wholesalers who supply materials to roofing contractors, or search online forums featuring reviews of contractors in your area.
• Consider more than one roofer for your project. Make a short list of those you believe are the best, ask each for references and then take the time to verify these references.
• Your cheapest option might not be the best choice. Consider the life expectancy of the different options in terms of cost per year. For example, suppose your cost for a roof with 20-year asphalt shingles comes to $400 per year, while a 40-year roof comes to $300 per year. You will pay more for the 40-year shingles, but they have a life expectancy that is double the other choice, making them less expensive in the long run.

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