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The Roof Color Of Your Home

The Roof Color Of Your Home, Alpha Roofing Industries, Austin, TxWhen it comes to deciding on a new roof, homeowners have many options determining the roof color of your home. Asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems are available in many different styles, many of which are designed to look like wood shingles, clay tiles, slate or other materials. Within in category, a wide range of colors are also available. You are going to be living with your new roof for a long time — 20 or 30 years if you choose asphalt shingles and 40 years or more if you choose a metal roof — so you naturally want to make sure that you choose the best color for your particular home. The following tips can make your decision easier.

 Time To Coordinate with Brick Color

You can always repaint your trim or replace your siding, but there is not much you can do about your brick or stone facade. Consider the colors that are present in the permanent features of your home when choosing a roof color. You do not want a perfect match between your bricks and your roof; a monochromatic color scheme can be uninteresting and bland. However, you do not want the colors to clash. For example, if your exterior is classic red brick, you might think twice before choosing asphalt shingles in a terra cotta shade.

Consider Your Home’s Architecture

Certain colors and styles lend themselves better to certain architectural styles. A home with classic Mediterranean architecture, for example, might benefit from a roof that has the color and style of clay tiles, but this might not be the right choice for a home with Victorian architecture.

Evaluate Your Home’s “Busy” Factor

If your home’s exterior features multi-color stones or bricks, several different paint colors or a facade featuring a number of different textures, consider choosing a color that tends toward being monochromatic. On the other hand, if your exterior is a solid color, consider a roof that features vivid highlights and coordinated tones.

Choose What You Like

You may have certain restrictions, such as a homeowners’ association that requires neutral colors for roofs. However, that does not mean that you have to settle for a color that you hate. Even if your HOA specifies that all roofs must be brown, for example, there are many different shades of brown from which to choose. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, you might want to avoid colors with limited appeal, such as a metal roof in plum or fire-engine red. You may also want to consider whether your choice will be appropriate for your neighborhood; you do not want to duplicate your neighbor’s roof, but you may not want to install one that is dramatically different from every other house in the neighborhood. If none of these issues applies, then simply choose your favorite and enjoy it!

If You Need More Help

The experts at Alpha Roofing would be happy to help you select the perfect new roof for your home. We install both metal roofing systems and asphalt shingles. We are roofing professionals with more than three decades of experience. In addition, we also install siding, and skylights as well as offer a wide variety of roofing services. You can send us your details by submitting the quote request form located on our website, or you can request an estimate by calling our office at (512) 777-1086.