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Why a Neglected Roof Is an Expensive Roof

Why a Neglected Roof Is an Expensive Roof, austin txProperly maintaining your roof is not a difficult or expensive matter. However, failing to maintain your roof properly can lead to a costly roof replacement long before you expected to incur the cost. A neglected roof will develop leaks, but these leaks may not always be immediately visible. Leaks often become apparent when moisture enters the interior of your structure. If a leak becomes evident as a stain on or drip from the ceiling, you could already have severe roof damage. Roofing repair will solve the leak problem, but additional work will be needed to repair the interior or your furnishings. Repairing the structural and interior damage caused by a neglected roof can end up costing you much more than you would have spent to maintain your roof.

Why a Neglected Roof Is an Expensive Roof

How Does Severe Weather Affect Texas Roofing?

Central Texas roofing can be battered by large hailstones, roasted in the summer, and forced to endure torrential thunderstorms. Storms can cause immediate damage to even a new roof, but they will be more likely to cause damage to an older roof, especially one that has not been properly maintained. An older, poorly maintained roof is often particularly susceptible to wind and impact damage. Shingles may blow off or be cracked, leaving water an easy path to the interior.

Is a Leak the First Sign of a Neglected Roof?

A leaking roof is not the only sign of a neglected roof, and other signs may appear long before you notice a leak. Exposure to the elements will cause wear and tear, leading to an unsightly appearance. If you are planning to sell your house, you may have to replace your roof to attract buyers. Although a new roof can be a strong selling point, you may not recoup the cost of replacement. However, once a roof begins to look unsightly, there is a good chance that the roof structure has also been compromised. The decking, trusses, rafters, attic insulation, and attic floor could have sustained damage. Many times, the first signs of a problem with the roof can be found in the attic.

When Is Roof Maintenance Necessary?

As soon as you purchase a home or replace your roof, preventive roof maintenance should begin. When properly installed, a newly replaced roof will require minimal maintenance. Roofing maintenance plans are an excellent investment to secure the integrity of your roof and ensure its longevity. Make sure your roofing maintenance plan includes annual roof inspections, and the best strategies will include additional inspections after each round of severe weather. Check the roof company for verifiable knowledge and experience with working on your roofing material type. Consider only reputable and professional roof companies with local references.

Regular preventive maintenance includes keeping gutters clean and intact. Gutter systems should be inspected at least once a year. If you have large trees near your home, you may need your gutters cleaned twice a year. Keep significant vegetation as far from home as possible. Remove any large tree limbs that hang over the roof.

Keep your roof clean. Remove debris such as leaves and twigs from the roof. Debris that collects on the roof will trap moisture that can easily infiltrate beneath your roof covering, and it will often end up in the gutters, potentially blocking the flow of water. Decomposing debris can also stain your roof. Have mold, mildew, and algae removed from the roof.

After any inspection, schedule the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. All inspections should include all components of the roof system, including the flashing, attic ventilation, and chimney.

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