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Austin Roofing: How to Maximize Your Return

Austin Roofing: How to Maximize Your Return, roofing company austin txThe roof is a critical component of any home or commercial building. Roofs shield occupants and their belongings from the heat, rain, hail, wind, cold and sleet. They also help keep wildlife, dust, insects, leaves and pollen from reaching the building’s interior. Because your roof is so important and also represents a substantial expense, it is wise to choose a replacement roof that will maximize the return on your investment in roofing. The following information should help you select the best roof for your situation.

Austin Roofing: How to Maximize Your Return | How Long Do You Want Your Roof to Last?

Roofing materials can have vastly different lifespans. For example, a modern metal roof could give you 50 years or more of trouble-free protection. Traditional three-tab asphalt shingles typically have a life of 15 to 20 years in Central Texas, but heavyweight asphalt shingles often carry warranties of more than 40 years. Naturally, the roofing materials that offer the longest life expectancies are more expensive. However, there are various options that have similar life expectancies and similar costs. A reputable roofing contractor can help you choose the best type for your budget, architecture and personal preferences.

Do You Plan to Have Your Contractor Remove the Existing Roof?

Most local building codes allow no more than two layers of roofing materials. However, it is not always possible to leave an existing roof in place when installing new roofing materials. Perhaps the structure cannot support the weight of an additional layer. In some cases, the type of asphalt shingles you want cannot be applied over an existing roof because doing so would void the manufacturer’s warranty or result in a visually unattractive roof. It is important to realize that you are only postponing the cost of having an existing roof removed by applying a new roof over the old one. The next time a new roof is needed, the roofing contractor will likely have to remove two layers of roofing materials.

Will You Address Attic Ventilation and Insulation Issues When Your New Roof Is Installed?

A roof replacement offers you an ideal opportunity to correct any issues with the structure’s ventilation and insulation. Adequate roof and attic insulation can help reduce your utility bills and increase the comfort of the interior. Proper ventilation can help prolong the life of your roof, decrease problems with condensation and reduce the likelihood of mold problems that could spread throughout the entire structure. Having ventilation and insulation issues addressed when your new roof is installed can be less expensive than having them addressed at a later date. In addition, your roof contractor will be able to access and inspect additional areas for potential problems.

What Regulatory Issues Do You Need to Consider?

Naturally, you want to choose a roof that appeals to you. However, if you belong to a homeowners association or own a historic property, you may be subject to certain stipulations. You may be required to select a specific color, for example, or limited to certain types of roofing materials.

Where Can You Find the Help You Need?

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