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How To Keep Your Roof Cool

How To Keep Your Roof Cool, Alpha Roofing Industries, Austin, TXIn the summer, if you want to lower your energy bills while making your home more comfortable, you might want to consider ways to keep your roof cooler. On hot days, the temperature on your rooftop can be 50 degrees hotter than the air temperature, and this extra heat can make your cooling system work harder or make your home’s interior warmer. Here are some ways that you can keep your roof cooler.

What To Do

Choose the Right Shingles

People have often selected asphalt shingles in white or light colors to help reflect more sunlight. However, a new generation of cool shingles takes the concept an additional step. These shingles feature specially coated granules that reflect the sun’s rays better than traditional granules.

Have a Radiant Barrier Installed

Radiant barriers are essentially foil panels that are installed between the insulation and the underside of your roof. The foil reflects heat that could otherwise radiate into your attic. If the attic is properly insulated, you could reduce your cooling costs by as much as 15 percent.

Insulate Wisely

You may have already ensured that your attic floor is properly insulated, and this is essential if you want to keep your home comfortable in both winter and summer. However, if you add insulation between the roof joists, you create an additional buffer between the heat and your living space.

Verify Ventilation

Your attic must be properly ventilated if you want to keep your home comfortable. Hot air that is trapped in your attic will only make your roof — and your living space — hotter. Inadequate ventilation can also shorten the life of asphalt shingles. If your attic is properly ventilated, it is essential that you inspect your vents periodically to ensure that they have not become obstructed. For example, certain birds like to build nests in gable vents, wind turbines can be damaged by large hail or vent screens can be clogged by debris.

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