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James Hardie Siding: Safe & Fire Resistant

James Hardie Siding: Safe & Fire Resistant, austin residential roofing If you have lived in Central Texas for more than a few months, you probably know that the area can be struck by frequent, prolonged droughts. Furthermore, although wildfires can happen even when the area is not experiencing a drought, the likelihood of a wildfire increases when vegetation is dry. In 2011, wildfires destroyed 57 homes in Travis County and burned about 7,000 acres, but the damage in Bastrop County was even worse; the fires consumed 1,700 homes and 34,000 acres. In 2015, a bearing on a tractor overheated, sparking a wildfire that consumed 40 structures and more than 4,500 acres. There is little doubt that wildfires will continue to be an intermittent threat in the area. If you want to improve the protection of your home or business against the threat of fire, one of the best ways to accomplish your goal is to install fiber cement siding from James Hardie.

James Hardie Siding: Safe & Fire Resistant

Why James Hardie Siding Is a Wise Choice

The fiber cement siding produced by James Hardie provides outstanding resistance to fire. James Hardie siding can be exposed to a direct flame without igniting, so the siding will not provide a source of fuel to feed a fire the way that wood siding will. It will not melt or burn like vinyl siding. With vinyl or wood, the siding can be quickly consumed, exposing interior studs to direct flames. Your entire structure could be consumed by the fire or severely compromised.

Although fiber cement siding is not combustible, heat can still transfer through the siding. This is why all of the wall components, including James Hardie products, contribute to the structure’s ability to resist fire. Since the other components cannot be known, testing labs cannot label fiber cement coating as fireproof. However, James Hardie siding carries the highest rating assigned for products that resist the spread of flames. In addition, there have been instances of structures that only needed to have the fiber cement siding cleaned after a fire.

What Makes James Hardie Siding Resistant to Fire?

Fiber cement siding is made from cement, sand and a small amount of wood pulp. If you have ever tried to burn cement or sand, you know that it would take a temperature far greater than a wildfire can generate. The density of the siding prevents oxygen from penetrating, stopping fire in its tracks.

What Are the Other Benefits of James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie’s fiber cement siding is also resistant to damage from impacts such as hail and debris carried by high winds. It will not rot, is virtually insect-proof and resists warping and shrinking. It comes in a variety of styles, and you can order from a wide range of colors or paint it to create a unique exterior. James Hardie offers a 30-year, transferable warranty that is not subject to proration. Furthermore, many insurance companies in Texas offer reduced premiums when insuring structures clad in fiber cement siding. Incidentally, James Hardie produces fiber cement siding for commercial use as well as for residential use.

To Learn More About James Hardie Siding

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