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James Hardie Commercial Siding

James Hardie Commercial SidingFor more than a century, James Hardie siding has been the cladding material of choice for many single-family homes. Now commercial buildings and multifamily dwellings can take advantage of the many benefits of fiber cement technology with a new line of James Hardie Commercial Siding developed especially for commercial and multifamily buildings.

Outstanding Protection

James Hardie commercial siding is 40 percent thicker than the company’s standard residential siding. This means that the siding withstands impacts far better than vinyl siding and is even more impact-resistant than James Hardie residential siding. The ability of siding to withstand impact can be especially critical on first floors, around doors, on walls adjacent to playgrounds and on patios and balconies.

Predictable Maintenance

Owners of apartment complexes and commercial buildings know that exterior maintenance can be costly, but it is necessary to keep the property looking its best. James Hardie siding minimizes the costs related to exterior maintenance, particularly painting. Customers can choose siding with a factory applied, backed-on finish that is offered in an extensive range of colors. The company’s ColorPlus Technology improves fade resistance by 30 percent and lasts as much as twice as long as standard paint. However, even if owners prefer to paint the siding on the site, they can still expect the paint to last much longer than it would on many other types of cladding.


James Hardie is the first manufacturer of building products to engineer for specific climates. For example, customers in areas that are hurricane-prone, those in areas with high humidity levels and those in areas that experience extreme cold can choose James Hardie siding that is engineered to withstand their specific climate. The durability of the product allows James Hardie to offer a non-prorated material warranty of 30 years.

Competitively Priced

Metal panel systems, color-through cement and other high-end options also have high-end prices. Stucco is messy and difficult to install, and it has multiple problems in wet and humid climates. James Hardie commercial siding is competitively priced, installs with very little mess and can be installed quickly.

Environmentally Friendly

James Hardie siding offers excellent resistance to insects, fire, rotting and moisture, but it does so in an environmentally friendly manner. The primary components in the product are sand and cement along with cellulose fibers. Many other cladding materials are produced using resources that are in finite supply such as petroleum products and metals.

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