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Isn’t a metal roof noisy?

metal roof austin txWhen the conversation turns to metal roofing systems, people often ask whether metal roofs are noisy. In many cases, the question of noise comes from someone who has been in an old-style mobile home, barn or shed that had a metal roof during a thunderstorm. Because these structures often had (or have) little or no insulation or attic space between the roof and the trusses, raindrops sometimes sounded as loud as a hailstone, and even small hailstones could sound like blows from a sledgehammer.

Today’s metal roofs are a far cry from the corrugated tin that used to cover many outbuildings on farms. They are also vastly different from the thin metal roofs on sheds and old mobile homes. Often, these roofs were little more than metal panels attached directly to the rafters, with nothing to muffle the sound.

The new metal roofing systems are typically no noisier than a roof with traditional asphalt shingles. Many times, the metal roof can be applied over existing shingles, which offer additional sound-absorbing properties. There is usually an underlayment beneath the metal roof that muffles the sound even more. Add in the attic insulation and air space and noise levels go down even further. In fact, most people who own metal roofs report that when it rains, they do not hear raindrops hitting the roof — only their skylights.

For those who enjoy the sound of rain hitting a metal roof, however, it is often possible for contractors to adapt their installation to enhance the sound. Considering that there are many people who play recordings of thunderstorms or flowing water while they are falling asleep, the idea of making a roof “noisier” can hold a great deal of appeal to some. What it comes down to is whether the individual considers rain on the roof to be unwanted noise or a peaceful sound.

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