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Is my roof decking acceptable?

roof decking, Austin, TXJust as the foundation supports the home built on top of it, your roof decking supports the materials applied over it. Your decking covers the rafters and is beneath any underlayments that are used under your shingles or metal roof. If your decking is cracked or rotten, it will not bear up under the weight of the roofing materials. Leaks can develop, and your roof may sag or develop depressions. Over time, a deteriorated deck can allow water to damage the rafters as well as ceilings and walls in the living area.

State building codes in Texas specify the following for roof decking.

• Use plywood that is 5/8-inch thick on new constructions as well as whenever possible on existing homes. This provides the best resistance to damages caused by high winds or windborne debris.
• Use 8-penny ring shank or 10-penny common nails to secure the decking.
• Space nails 4 inches apart along the edges of each plywood panel and 6 inches apart in each panel’s field.
• Nails must penetrate the decking and be secured directly into the frame.
• Deck panels should be inspected after the existing roofing materials have been removed. Damaged panels should be replaced before proceeding.
• Decking should be inspected from the attic side. If any of the nails used to secure the deck panels are visible alongside trusses or rafters, the panels may not be adequately secured. These issues should be corrected before proceeding.

Most homeowners will give the color and style of their roofing shingles considerable attention, but some fail to realize that without acceptable roof decking, their beautiful new roof will not give them the satisfaction they expected. In fact, roof decking is one of the most overlooked components when choosing a roofing system. Whether you are installing a standing seam metal roofing system or asphalt shingles, your roof decking must be up to the task of supporting them. This is one reason that although it is sometimes possible to install new roofing materials over an existing roof, it is always better to remove the old roof. Removal allows the decking to be inspected properly and any damages repaired before the most costly components — the material used for the top layer of your roof — are installed.

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