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Is It Too Cold To Install Asphalt Shingles

Is It Too Cold To Install Asphalt Shingles Alpha Roofing Austin TxNo firm guidelines exist regarding the minimum temperature at which asphalt shingles can be installed. In the Austin area, many roofing contractors are able to apply shingles almost every day during the winter months. However, cold weather can present challenges although experienced roofers know how to meet them.

Why Is It Too Cold To Install Asphalt Shingles

Brittleness of Shingles

Asphalt shingles, particularly the fiberglass type, become brittle and less flexible in cold weather. This makes them more prone to breakage when they are being handled during the installation process. Roofers can eliminate or minimize this problem by storing bundles of shingles in the warmest area, such as a part of the yard that receives optimal sunshine. Experienced roofers also know that cold shingles must be handled much more carefully than warm ones, so having a well-trained crew is important as well.

Failure to Seal

Asphalt shingles are self-sealing, but the sealant requires heat to adhere properly. During cold weather, the sealant remains inactive although sealing will occur as soon as warmer temperatures arrive. The problem is that in areas that receive frequent high winds — such as virtually all of Texas — a strong gust can lift shingles and peel them from the roof. Contractors solve the problem by hand-dabbing in winter; that is, they apply a dab of adhesive to the underside of the shingles to hold them in place until the sealant can do its job.

Initial Appearance of Shingles

Until warmer temperatures arrive, the shingles typically will not “lay down” as they should. They may appear uneven or look as if there are bumps in the roof, but in most cases, the appearance issue resolves itself after cold temperatures depart. There is little the roofer can do about the appearance other than advising patience.

Dexterity of Workers

Most roofers are more accustomed to working in the sweltering heat of summer than in the biting cold of winter. When temperatures drop too low, installers may find that their hands are too cold and numb to handle the finer details involved in roofing. Things such as making precise cuts can be more difficult for them. Experienced roofers know how to help crew members achieve the needed dexterity, and they also know when a job would be pushing workers beyond their limits and are willing to postpone work until conditions are more favorable.

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