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Improve the Appearance of Your Home with Wood Siding

Improve the Appearance of Your Home with Wood Siding, Alpha Roofing Industries, Austin, TXIf you want to enhance the appearance of your home, wood siding installation can be an excellent way to accomplish the task. Although many homes today feature vinyl siding, wood has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Wood siding is beautiful, durable and recyclable, and its versatility allows you to create an exterior that is truly unique.

 Why It Works!

Certain Architectural Styles Require Wood Siding to Look Their Best

For certain homes, the only facade that matches the architecture properly is wood siding. Consider what would be lost if you chose stone siding for a Victorian home, for example, or brick siding for a cozy cabin in the woods.

Wood Siding is Extremely Versatile

Although many homes are clad entirely in wood siding, you have many other options. For example, if you have a two-story home, you could leave the stone façade on the first floor and side the upper story in wood. You can use wood siding to accentuate architectural features, or you can combine different styles of wood siding to increase visual interest.

Many Different Types are Available

Manufacturers produce siding from a variety of different woods. Cedar siding has a natural resistance to insects and rot. Pine is economical and readily available. Other popular woods include cypress, redwood, oak and spruce.

Different Styles are Available

Over the centuries, a number of different styles of wood siding have been designed. Shake siding is similar to wood shingles in appearance; each piece tends to be a slightly irregular rectangle. Shake siding enjoyed great popularity in New England during the 1600s and again during the late 1800s when the Queen Anne architectural style was introduced. Clapboard siding consists of long horizontal rows that overlap slightly. Board-and- batten siding features vertical boards that typically alternate between two widths; this type of siding was popular for many homes featuring American Gothic architecture as well as for many rustic homes built during the westward expansion. Tongue and groove siding features horizontal boards that are joined without any overlap.

Color Changes are Easy

If you decide that you no longer care for the color of your house, you can easily paint most wood siding in any color you desire. You can follow decorating trends or just give your home a fresh look periodically. If you want, you can save the color changes for the architectural accents only, allowing you to experiment without making a significant commitment.

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