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How to Reduce the Cost of Your Roof

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Roof, roofing austin txMany people say that the weather in Austin and Central Texas is extremely unpredictable. It is true that the weather conditions can change quickly; it may be bright and clear in the morning, but a massive thunderstorm can strike by noon. In the winter, it may be relatively warm for the first few hours of the day, but the temperature may fall sharply throughout the afternoon and drop well below freezing overnight. However, summer weather tends to be surprisingly predictable. Most days will be hot and humid, and virtually everyone with an air conditioner will turn the thermostat as low as they dare. Fortunately, there are ways to make your roof an ally in your battle against the heat of summer.

How Does the Color of the Roof Affect a Home’s Interior Temperature?

Imagine that you travel to the shores of the Arctic Ocean with a device that can measure how much solar energy a surface reflects. If you stand where the ice meets the water and take measurements, you will find that the ice reflects much more solar energy than the ocean. Scientists refer to this as solar reflectance. Surfaces with a low solar reflectance absorb more heat from the sun than surfaces having a higher solar reflectance. The darker in color your roof is, the lower its solar reflectance will be so that it will absorb more heat. The heat will be transferred into the interior of your home, raising the temperature and forcing your cooling system to work harder.

What Can Be Done to Cool a Roof?

A licensed roofing contractor knows various methods that can contribute to cooling your roof. Implementing the measures is usually easier when you are having a new roof installed, but several roofing services can be tailored to help make an existing roof cooler.

• Many Texas roofing contractors advise homeowners to choose a roof covering that is light in color. If you have a dark roof that is so new that you do not want to consider replacing it, ask your roofing company about reflective coatings.
• Ask your roof contractor to check your attic insulation. Insufficient insulation in the attic can allow the transfer of heat to the living spaces. You may also want to ask about insulating your roof. Inadequate ventilation can contribute to higher cooling bills. In many older homes, attic vents are too small or improperly located. They may also be the wrong type. The science of attic ventilation has evolved a great deal in just the last 10 or 15 years, so ask a licensed roofing contractor about correcting any deficiencies in your ventilation.
• If you are replacing your roof, you might want to consider a metal roof. Reflective metal roofing panels with granulated textures have been shown to reduce the need for air conditioning by as much as 40 percent.

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