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How The Central Texas Weather Impacts Your Roof

Residential Roof Replacement in Pflugerville, TX using IKO Dynasty asphalt shingles

Residential Roof Replacement in Pflugerville, TX using IKO Dynasty asphalt shingles

Your roof is a critical structural component of your home. It protects you, your loved ones and your belongings from the elements – quite literally shielding you from sun, rain, wind, hail, ice and snow.  Over time, the impact our climate has on your roof can compound, and inflict damage that is difficult to notice.   Below are a few ways in which the weather in Austin and greater Central Texas impacts the integrity of your roof:

Here Comes The Sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays and the heat it produces affect your roof over time.  UV rays tend to make asphalt shingles dry and brittle, and more susceptible to damage from other sources (like hail).  Excessive heat cause some materials to expand, leading to loose or dislodged fasteners or cracking of materials. When hot weather is combined with high humidity levels, moisture can collect in the attic space and lead to an interior leak or the start of a mold problem.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

In Central Texas, thunderstorms are far from rare and they often produce torrential downpours – gully washers, “raining cats and dogs” type of stuff.  All that water cascading down your roof inflicts damage over time and can quickly cause extensive if the water finds a broken shingle or cracked seal. As water pools and backs up around your flashing or roof edges, the probability of a roof leak increases.

Gone With The Wind

When most folks think about wind damage to their roof, they usually envision it as being the result of a tornado, but straight-line – thunderstorm winds without rotation – tend to damage more homes in Central Texas than tornadoes most years.  Strong winds loosen, crack and rip away asphalt shingles and cause metal panels or other decorative roof tiles to shift out of alignment, leaving areas of your roof vulnerable to water penetration.

To Hail And Back

Among many things, Central Texas is famous for its hailstorms and most Texans have seen at least one video of hail the size of a softball.  But don’t be fooled – hail much much smaller can break asphalt shingles and dent metal roofing.  And it’s not just denting, cracking or breaking shingles – smaller hailstones remove the granules from asphalt shingles, and over the years this makes them more prone to the affects of other weather – UV rays and heat from the sun, rain, wind, snow and ice.

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