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Home Attic Ventilation

Home Attic Ventilation, residential roofingA properly ventilated attic can do a great deal to make your home more comfortable, reduce your energy bills and protect your investment in a roofing system. Most manufacturers of asphalt shingles consider proper attic ventilation to be of enough importance that they may declare their warranty invalid if the shingles are installed on a home without adequate ventilation. However, home attic ventilation is more of an art than a science — contractors must consider a variety of factors when deciding how many vents are needed and where they should be placed. The amount of insulation in the attic, air leaks between the attic and living area, shingle color and the amount of sun the roof receives must all be evaluated when determining the proper attic ventilation for a specific house. Other factors that must be examined include the type of roofing system used, such as whether it is asphalt shingles or metal, and the home’s architecture, such as whether it is built with eaves that can accommodate vents if needed.

To better understand the importance of home attic ventilation, it might be helpful to review how a ventilation system should work.

• Attic ventilation requires two types of vents — intake vents and exhaust vents. Intake vents are typically located on the eaves or soffits. Exhaust vents are normally found at the roof’s peak or ridge or just below it. The square or rectangular vents found on the side walls are called gable vents; these vents contribute very little to adequate ventilation.

• The principles of air convection are important for home attic ventilation. Fresh air enters through the intake vents and is drawn to the exhaust vents. As the fresh air moves through the attic, it carries existing air with it.

• The existing air that is removed through ventilation may be hot air that has accumulated during the summer, or it may be moisture-laden air that has built up during the colder months. Removing this moisture can help prevent mold from forming, which can attack the roof decking as well as wall supports.

• Because home attic ventilation requires the proper balance of intake and exhaust vents, simply installing more vents is not the answer. Too many vents or vents placed in the wrong locations can compete against each other and actually cancel each other’s benefits. Furthermore, limiting the number of roof penetrations also reduces the potential for leaks to develop around them.

It is important to consult with a roofing professional who has experience with the local weather patterns. What is adequate attic ventilation in Miami, Florida, for example, will not be identical to adequate ventilation in Buffalo, New York.

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