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HardiePlank Siding & Installation Time

HardiePlank Siding & Installation Time, wood siding types, When you are having work done on your home, you naturally want to know how long a project is going to take. Having an estimated time frame can help you fit other projects into your remodeling plan so that all projects flow smoothly. If you looking at wood siding types, and considering having HardiePlank siding installed, there are many factors that must be considered before a contractor can offer an accurate schedule.

HardiePlank Siding & Installation Time – Factors Specific to Each Home

The contractor will start by determining the size of the home and whether siding is to be installed as trim or as a complete exterior covering. Whether the home is a one-story or two-story structure must also be considered. The surrounding terrain can be a factor, such as a home with a side abutting a steeply inclined area that may require special scaffolding. Your landscaping can also be a factor if there are plantings growing near the walls on which the siding is to be installed. If new siding can be attached over existing siding, the job will take less time than if the old siding must be removed. The type of HardiePlank siding that you choose can also make a difference in installation time; Color Plus HardiePlank does not require painting. If you choose Prime Plus HardiePlank, the contractor must include time to paint it, and if you want the trim painted a different color from the walls, it may involve extra time.

Typical Installation Scenario

Your contractor cannot control the weather, so rain or high winds could delay your project. However, if you have a one-story home of average size and choose to have Pre-Primed HardiePlank installed, you can expect the entire project to take between 15 and 17 days. The actual installation will require 10 to 12 days, with the remaining days allocated for the completion of the painting. The contractor’s crew can have a significant impact on this time, however, since an inexperienced or apathetic crew may take longer than a hard-working, experienced one.

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