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HardiePlank Siding Benefits

HardiePlank Siding Benefits, wood siding in Austin, Tx

For more than a century, James Hardie Building Products has been an industry leader. The company’s many innovative products have won acclaim from builders, remodelers and homeowners for beauty, durability and comparatively low expense. For many years, HardiePlank siding has been a best-selling product, but now the company has made its quality siding even better. HardiePlank siding with insulation has become increasingly popular for both new construction and remodeling projects.

What Is HardiePlank Siding with Insulation?

Once installed, HardiePlank siding with insulation has the same beautiful appearance as traditional HardiePlank. The secret is what lies beneath the surface — the siding comes with a sheet of insulation already installed. You now have an affordable option to improve the comfort of your home’s interior and reduce your energy costs while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your property.

What Are the Advantages of HardiePlank Siding with Insulation?

In addition to the potential energy savings and upgraded appearance, HardiePlank siding with insulation can save you money on the installation costs. To understand the potential for savings, it might be helpful to explain how traditional HardiePlank is installed.

When installing regular HardiePlank siding, the contractor must typically have a crew of three. One crew member handles the cutting, and the other two workers are on the wall securing each plank. If the job calls for insulation behind the siding, that would have been a separate operation conducted before the siding was installed.

However, HardiePlank siding with insulation eliminates the need to install insulation before installing the wood siding. Furthermore, the siding installation can usually be handled by a two-man crew — one installer and one cutter. On most jobs, as much as one full day of work can be eliminated when installing HardiePlank siding with insulation. This allows the contractor to reduce his labor costs and pass the savings to his customers.

To Learn More About HardiePlank Siding with Insulation

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