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Gutter Warning Signs

Gutter Warning Signs, Austin Residential Roofing The gutter system on your home is basically a simple device, but if it is not performing as intended, its failure can have devastating results on the exterior as well as the interior of your home. The gutters on your home are designed to catch rain from your roof and divert it into downspouts where it is released at a safe distance from the foundation of your home. The repeated presence of water at areas of your home that are meant to be protected from excess moisture will eventually begin a process of deterioration. Areas from the roof to the foundation can be affected as well as areas below the foundation such as basements and storm cellars. Whether your gutters are seamless or sectional and whether they are metal or vinyl, keeping a close eye on them is serious business.

Gutter Warning Signs – Periodic Maintenance

One of the best times to thoroughly inspect your gutter is when you clean it — or have it cleaned — of leaves and other debris. Keeping your gutters clean can prolong their life and eliminate some of the problems associated with a clogged gutter. A clogged gutter can hold water and cause undue stress to the joints and the hangers that secure the gutter to the house. Any gutter that holds water can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes during warm weather. Water can also back up under your shingles and seep into the decking, causing dry rot and eventual leaks.

Gutter Warning Signs – Visual Inspection

Many gutter problems can be spotted from the ground. Pay close attention to the joints where the gutter sections meet and the downspout joints. Any sign of leakage at the joints should be immediately addressed. Look for sags in the gutter and any signs that the gutter is pulling away from the home. It would also be a good idea to use binoculars to inspect your gutters; large cracks are easy to see, but small cracks may go unnoticed until a storm hits. Regardless of their size, cracks need to be repaired or the section replaced if you want to ensure that your gutters will do their job properly.

If the gutter has been leaking for a while, you may see flaking or peeling paint on the fascia, soffit or other areas near the gutter. More serious problems caused by leaks, including dry rot, may show up on the siding and around windows and doors. With severe leaks, water may enter the home, causing structural damage and mold and mildew issues. If water is not being diverted away from the foundation, you may find evidence of this in the basement. Over-saturation of the ground around your foundation can also cause serious foundation problems, including mildew, cracks in the foundation and settling due to wet, unstable soil. Plants growing under or near a leaking gutter can be adversely affected by becoming waterlogged or developing mildew on their foliage.

If Your Gutters Are Past Their Prime

If your gutters are damaged or obsolete, contact Alpha Roofing Industries for help. We are a well-respected roofing contractor serving Austin, Tx and most locations in Central Texas. We can repair or install flashing, roof repair, install new asphalt shingles, repair chimneys, install metal roofing systems or remove moss from your roof. We also install siding, and skylights. Our goal is to deliver exceptional work and superior customer service at reasonable rates. If you have more questions about Gutter Warning Signs or would like a free estimate, call (512) 777-1086 or complete the online form.