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Getting Algae and Moss Off the Roof

Getting Algae and Moss Off the Roof, Alpha Roofing, Austin, TXGetting algae and moss off the roof is a common problem in areas with hot, humid summers — like Austin, Texas. Both can be unsightly, but while algae usually does little more than stain your shingles, moss can damage them. Moss has tiny roots that are the perfect size to fit inside the pores of asphalt shingles, and as the moss grows, it can cause the shingles to crack or lift around the edges. This places your decking as well as the structure’s interior at risk from water penetration; since both algae and moss provide ideal environments for moisture to collect, the risks are exacerbated.

How To Do It

Your best option is to consult a reputable roofing professional. Roofers have the necessary safety equipment and the knowledge to select the appropriate chemicals to kill your rooftop invaders. Do-it-yourself methods can often do more harm to your shingles than they cause to the algae or moss. For example, some of the chemicals recommended for killing algae can also kill the plants around your foundation if they wash onto them. Other methods can make the roof extremely slippery, increasing the potential for a fall.

What You Should NOT Do

Whatever you do, though, do not let anyone talk you into power washing your roof or scraping off the algae and moss. Both of these methods will strip your shingles of the granules they need to shed water, leading to the premature demise of your asphalt shingles.

Preventing Regrowth

Another reason to consult a professional is to discuss methods of preventing the algae and moss from returning. If your shingles are worn out, you might consider replacing them with shingles that contain ingredients to inhibit growth. Your roofer may also be able to install small copper or zinc strips near the peak of your roof; both of these metals are toxic to algae and moss. As rain runs over these strips and down your roof, it spreads molecules of metal that kill algae and moss before they can establish themselves on your roof.

For Algae and Moss Removal

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