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Flat Roofing & Hail Hazards

Flat Roofing & Hail Hazards, commercial roofing companyAustin and Central Texas is subject to a wide variety of weather conditions. Winters may be mild or frigid, while autumns are typically very enjoyable. Summers can be hot and dry, but they can also see significant thunderstorms. Spring weather can be pleasant, but spring marks the beginning of hail season, which can last well into summer. Unfortunately, hail can cause a lot of damage to all types of roofs, including flat roofs.

Flat Roofing & Hail Hazards – Inspecting Your Flat Roof After a Hailstorm

Even small hail can damage a flat roof, but since inexperienced workers can cause additional damage, it is best to ask a reputable contractor to conduct the inspection. One of the things that the contractor will look for is evidence of cracks, dents or punctures. Since the roof cannot protect your building without remaining watertight, even a small break can compromise your interior as well as the building’s structural components.

Some of the damage will be easy to spot during a visual inspection, allowing you to have repairs made promptly. However, some hairline cracks are more difficult to identify; these are the ones that can cause the greatest damage. It may take months or even years before leaks become noticeable, but water penetration is still occurring. This can cause the insulation facer to separate from the membrane, making the roof more vulnerable to additional damage.

Although roofing membranes are more susceptible to hail damage, galvanized metal roofs can also be at risk. Typically, these roofs do an excellent job of withstanding hail. However, a hard hit can cause the galvanized coating to chip. This allows the metal to rust, eventually creating a hole that gives water a convenient path to the interior of your building.

Before You Call Your Insurance Company

It is not advisable to accept a payment from your insurance company before you have an expert commercial roofing company conduct a thorough inspection. Many damages to flat roofs do not show up until long after a hailstorm occurs. For example, your insulation is an important component, but the untrained eye may not recognize signs that water is reaching the insulation. If you accept a settlement that only covers the cosmetic damage, you could be facing the expense of replacing your roof in a few months. A reputable contractor who has experience installing, repairing and inspecting flat roofs can identify hidden damage. Many contractors are happy to meet with your insurance adjuster to point out damage that the adjuster might miss, helping you to get the settlement that you deserve.

For Expert Help, Contact Alpha Roofing

Alpha Roofing has the expertise you need when hail strikes your flat roof. We are an award-winning company with an exceptional reputation. We offer a full range of commercial and residential roofing-related services, including roof inspections, flat roof repair and installation, emergency roof repairs and maintenance plans. We also install skylights, asphalt shingles, metal roofing systems, flashing, and siding. Our crews are unique to Alpha Roofing and dedicated to exceptional workmanship. We would be happy to inspect your flat roof to identify any potential hail damage. If you have more questions about Flat Roofing & Hail Hazards or would like a free estimate, contact us by calling (512) 777-1086 or completing the online form.

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