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Finding The Right Roofing Contractor

Finding The Right Roofing Contractor, Alpha Roofing, Austin, TXIt is not difficult to find a roofer in the Austin area. However, finding a reputable roofing contractor with the right skills for your particular job can take a bit more effort. Hiring the wrong contractor can have disastrous results ranging from poor workmanship to jobs left unfinished. Here are some tips to help you find the right roofing contractor.

Ask Questions

Think of it as conducting a job interview that the contractor must pass before you hire him. If he is using terminology that you do not understand, ask for definitions. Ask him to justify his recommendations, particularly those that will increase your costs substantially. If you have landscaping, ask him how he will protect your shrubs or plantings. If he dodges your questions or refuses to answer them, he is probably not the right contractor.

Obtain Proof of Insurance

Texas does not require a state license for roofers. However, roofers are required to carry workers’ comp and general liability insurance, so obtain proof of these coverages.

Ask Whether Subcontractors will be Involved

If any part of your job will be completed by subcontractors, you will want to ensure that they are reputable also. Subcontractors should also carry general liability and workers’ comp insurance.

Ask About the Warranty

Manufacturers offer warranties that cover their materials, but these warranties do not cover the contractor’s work. Most reputable contractors will guarantee their work for at least one year. If a contractor tries to convince you that his workmanship is part of the manufacturer’s warranty, you should keep looking.

Obtain References

Reputable roofing contractors can provide you with references for jobs they have completed. Take the time to call the references. Ask whether the work was of good quality and completed on time. Ask whether the crew left your site clean and undamaged. Inquire whether the work was done for the price quoted or if there were additional charges. One questions that can tell you a lot is whether the person would hire the contractor again.

Hire a Local Contractor

Obtain the contractor’s legal company name and physical address. If he can provide you with only a post office box or is based in another state, you will need to dig deeper to ensure that he is reputable.

Simplify Your Search by Hiring Alpha Roofing

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