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Austin Fall Maintenance

Austin Fall Maintenance, gutter, gutter installation, chimney, roofing contractor, Alpha Roofing, austin, tx,As the days grow shorter, summer heat begins to yield to the crisp air of autumn. The leaves begin to change color, signifying that temperatures will continue to gradually decline over the coming months. Although Austin is not famous for harsh winters, there are a few maintenance procedures that need to be performed in the fall to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises waiting to be discovered when winter arrives.

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

You can conduct part of the inspection yourself without having to climb a ladder. Stand at ground level and use a pair of binoculars to take a close look at your roof. Look for missing, broken or curled asphalt shingles, loose panels on a metal roof, broken or missing flashing, damaged fascia boards or other signs of damage. If you have any tree branches scraping or overhanging your roof, trim them as a precautionary measure. In the attic, look for daylight filtering through the roof or walls. For greater assurance that your roof is ready for winter, however, engage a reputable roofing contractor to conduct a professional rooftop inspection. He will have a better vantage point to spot potential problems, and he will have the experience to recognize issues that may seem irrelevant to the average homeowner but which could have significant consequences.

Take Care of Your Chimney and Fireplace

Before you light your first fire of the season, you need to inspect your chimney for any blockage. Nesting animals, leaves or other clogs need to be removed by a professional. A professional inspection can also ensure that your chimney liner and flue are in good condition. Clean your fireplace to remove any dirt or ashes from a previous use.

Clean Your Gutters

If gutters are clogged with pine needles, dead leaves or other debris, runoff from your roof will not be able to flow to downspouts. The water can overflow the gutters, causing damage to your siding or foundation, or the water can be forced under the edges of your roof, which can lead to roof damage and interior leaks. After donning a thick pair of work gloves, remove the debris. Use a garden hose to flush your gutters, checking for any leaks or sagging sections. If your gutters are sagging or leaking, have a professional repair or replace them.

Take Steps to Enhance Interior Comfort

• Check your windows and doors to see if any of them need caulking or replacement glass.
• Switch ceiling fans so that they rotate clockwise during the winter.
• Have your ducts cleaned and inspected for cracks or leaks.
• Change the filters on your HVAC system.
• Have your heating system inspected and tested.

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