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Properly Maintain Your Home’s Exterior Wood Siding


Properly Maintain Your Home's Exterior Wood Siding, Alpha Roofing, Austin, TXWood siding can enhance the appearance and value of your home. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, it can also be remarkably durable, weathering a mere one-eighth inch per century under normal conditions. The key to having wood siding that lasts as it should and looks beautiful throughout its life is to protect it against water damage. The following four tips can help you maintain your exterior siding properly.

Properly Maintain Your Home’s Exterior Wood Siding

Ensure Adequate Roof Overhangs

Look at your home and visualize the path that a drop of rain will follow from your roof to the ground. If rain is going to pour down your siding from the roof, your siding could be jeopardized. You do not want your siding to be so exposed to rain that it stays wet for more than a few hours, especially during the hot summer months. Adequate overhangs can help avoid this problem; drip edge that channels water into a robust guttering system can also help.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Your siding is going to get wet when it rains. You cannot prevent your siding from ever coming into contact with water, but you can ensure that rain can flow freely from the siding. Primarily, this means that you need to avoid horizontal surfaces on an exterior wall that has wood siding. Even a small piece of horizontal trim can allow water to accumulate, increasing the likelihood that the water will find its way between the siding and the trim. Once water has penetrated, it can begin rotting your siding.

Install Wood Siding above the Ground

Wood siding should never contact the ground or any puddles that may form around the foundation. The wood that is in contact with the wet ground can rot, but the wicking effect can also rot your siding for many inches above the ground. Your specific situation determines how far above the ground your siding should end, but in general, you should not allow wood siding to be closer than six inches to the ground.

Paint or Seal as Needed

Depending on the type of wood you select for your siding, it should be painted, stained or sealed to prolong its life. How often you will need to paint your siding depends on a variety of factors. However, if the paint is flaking, peeling, cracked or blistered, you should consider having your siding repainted.

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